Patch the name of Patch Adams trying to

Patch Adams is a very heartwarming and emotional movie. The movie is about a man named Hunter Adams that goes by the name of Patch Adams trying to make the quality of life better. The beginning of the movie starts off by Patch being in a asylum for depression and trying to commit suicide. In the asylum Patch figured out what he wanted to do by helping out his roommate, Rudy. His roommate was terrified of squirrels Patch turned his fear into a imagination game and connected with Rudy. Patch realized that he found so much joy in helping others that he wanted to leave the asylum and enroll in medical school to pursue his dream.

In patch’s first year of medical he stood out from everyone else his questions weren’t related to the patients medical problem. He was alway more interested in what his/her name was he wanted to have a personal connection with the patient to make them feel more comfortable. A really touching scene in the movie is when Patch goes into a room with many kids that have cancer and puts a smile on every kids face by having humor and a good attitude. Patch was doing what he does best but gets punished for simply making them happy. The punishment led to Patch getting expelled from medical school because interacting with patients was prohibited. After being expelled from medical school for doing what he thought was right Patch continued on.

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Him and his friends, Truman and Carin made a free clinic theirselves where it was more based on the connection they had with their patients. The name of the clinic was called “Gesundheit” which stands for bless you. Patch always pushed to have a better health care system, health care systems wouldn’t be how they are today without Patch Adams. He is an inspiration to many doctors or anyone who works with people. On page 85 of the “Personal and Professional Qualities of a Health care worker” section it states that the personal characteristics of a healthcare worker should include empathy, honesty, dependability, willingness to learn, patience, acceptance of criticism, enthusiasm, self-motivation, tact, and competence.

Patch has ever single one of those characteristics in the movie. He is so determined to make a change in how people get treated when they are ill. Hunter Adams is a 73 year old man who is so selfless and has made a great impact on peoples lives. He has made the quality of life better for many others.

Patch’s message isn’t just to doctors it is for anyone that has a professional job to make him/her feel comfortable where they are at. The way Patch looks at caring for others should be the same for everyone else. He made it clear that the small things in life matter.


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