Paula before settling on an extension cord as

Paula EsquivelWatson I Love You’sIn I Love You’s Are For White People : A Memoir by Lac Su it explains the life of a vietnamese family who escaped from the Communists in Vietnam. Lac explains his journey for self love and acceptance that hasn’t been given to him from his family. Despite being so young at the time he had to beat many obstacles such as his father being mentally, and physically abusive. Lac also wanted to pursue his dreams and his family moving to the United States of America was a perfect for him.

People tend to migrate to America because that is where you can live a your “dream”. Lac’s family also have similar dreams they wanted to have freedom and a better life but when they came to the United States of America they found it very complicated.Lac’s father would abuse him for example when Lac would get a homework question wrong Pa would hit him ” the plastic rod from the mini blinds, a spatula, a rice bowl, a fishing rod, my notebook, a radio, antenna, a wooden yard stick, and a broom handle before settling on an extension cord as his weapon of choice” (pg 62).

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Lac’s father would find and get anything in reach of him and hit Lac for doing something wrong. Lac felt like he had no love in his home, that he was unwanted and unappreciated. With Lac feeling unloved he then became very isolated from his family.

He began robbing from his parents, even if he knew that they were struggling financially. Being isolated from your family makes a person go out and look for that feeling of a family. Lac then started hanging out with Javi, he made Lac feel like he finally belonged somewhere. Lac would always be invited to Javi’s soccer games and Javi’s mother was nice to Lac. He did not care the price of having a friend he knew that feeling loved and appreciated meant more than money “When I get money we are playing Spy Hunter, I do not mind because Javi’s reliance on my money gives the impression that we’re tight” (pg 94).

Pa actually wants Lac to mature beyond his age, and become more independent. But Pa only knows one way to help his son Lac achieves his goals and it is based on Pa’s past experiences which are through brutal discipline and tough love.Although Lac did not understand where his father was coming from and why he was so hard on him. Deep down inside Lac would always love him because that is his father.


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