Peer me into doing things. I can get

Peer pressure is when one of my friends convinces me to to something that is wrong and that could potential end me up in a lot of trouble. Peer pressure is not good and i should learn how to get out of letting my friends peer pressure me into doing things. I can get out of peer pressure by doing one of the easiest way to do it: I can go and stop hanging out with my “friends” that peer pressure me and make new friends that won’t make me do things that I know I should not being doing. Another thing I can do is not do what my other friends are doing and be a leader not a follower and just walk away and tell them not to or before they do what they are about to do I can try and talk them out of doing what they are about to do and try and get them to do something with me like go and play video games. If I can’t figure out how to stop getting peer pressured I can always go and talk to my parents and tell them the situation and have them help me get out of this bad habit I keep doing.

Peer Pressure is something I need to get myself out of. I can’t just think peer pressure will go away no i need to make a change and make sure I stop and never go back to. Not all peer pressure is bad but I need to learn how to distinguish between the good peer pressure and bad peer pressure and only do the good peer pressure. Ways I can distinguish between good and bad peer pressure is to first see is if what my friends are doing is illegal.

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If it is I need to be the bigger person for me and my future and step up and say no. But if it is something good like throw a party for my mom’s birthday then yeah I should do it so I look like I am responsible and capable to to do things for people I love and care about instead of getting peer pressured into breaking a law which can hurt my love ones and ruin my future. Peer pressure can ruin my life if I don’t do something about it and try and stay away from bad peer pressure right away.

Just because other people peer pressure me it does not make it right for me to peer pressure another person for them to do something wrong for me because then i’m still doing something wrong and can and should be punished for it because I am the reason for that person to do what they did wrong. In the end peer pressure is can lead to very serious crimes and long term damage to my future and hurt many of my love ones even if it does not involve them.This is why I need to stop letting other people peer pressure me and I need to make this positive change in my life.


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