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Penang Mutiara edifice , being one amongst the most effective hotels in Penang, have managed to be robust and extremely competitive setting. There are several luxurious hotels within the South-East Asia region however few will compare with the Penang Mutiara. during this essay i will be able to speak about too things. First, however the edifice’s management can ensure that the means it manages the hotel is suitable to the means it competes for business. Second, however may the edifice management implement any changes in strategy.
1st the edifice top dog has the vision and really clear targeted beliefs regarding the importance of running an efficient operation wherever customers have each right to demand for top quality service.In order to contend for business within the edifice trade, currently, the final manager adopted impeccable quality strategy wherever he acknowledges that it’s impeccable service which provides our competitive advantage, not price. Since it’s cheaper to retain regular guests than to draw in new ones, he perceive the advantage of holding regular guests through providing impeccable services which is able to in an exceedingly means retain high occupancy rates to stay prices down whereas achieving affordable profit.To achieve that, he set basic standards for his workers to be trained, knowledgeable, sensitive and expectant to assume ahead so as to supply basic and added services to satisfy customer’s desires. the power to recollect regular customer’s data and private preferences may add on to a private upset their next visit. in addition, quality services in terms of providing trendy style and top-class materials and having the ability to practise sensible preventive maintenance to the building structure and instrumentation is additionally in a different way of sustaining high category image and luxury atmosphere to make a cushty feeling to welcome visiting guests.
On the opposite hand the final manager ought to introduce new methods to supplement and implement additional changes to reinforce the present strategy.To implement quickly new changes within the short term, offer chain management technique may be wont to improve internal processes apace may be utilized to remain competitive.The strength of Penang Mutiara includes the strategic location of being secluded and tranquil and with the final manager WHO has Brobdingnagian expertise at managing luxury edifice worldwide, he has the power to guide and influence the workers to give birth to higher internal functions.To sustain existing quality strategy,the general manager will adopt proactive approach to reinforce and maintain consistentancy in quality and level of services by conducting workers coaching, retrain and upgrading of skills to satisfy the volatile market demand and unpredictable client expectation. He must always review and set new service standards for the workers for continuous improvement, conduct regular focus cluster studies to predict future client necessities in terms of service and facilities, minimise and eliminate high turnover rate at the front table by taking excellent care of workers welfare, and exercise job rotation of workers to market innovation and creativeness within the job.With the target cluster of company bourgeois and to reinforce its aggressiveness, the final manager will adopt new flexibility strategy by utilization of most advance reservations technology and web for edifice reservations. He may supply on-line competitive rates whereas making certain complete security of customers’ personal data and mastercard details and supply instant confirmation for edifice reservations to market potency.Marketing methods is a very important vision for growing of the profit and price of the edifice like introduction of frequent user programme, loyalty card program with additional savings for travel and vacation plans. edifice may host elite social and sporting events that embrace International wine and food pageant, polo championship, international cup to supply a platform to showcase its numerous expertises in fashion creation which may facilitate to spice up high occupancy rates additionally.


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