Penang demand for the best service to

Penang Mutiara hotel , being one of the best hotels in Penang, have managed to be strong very highly competitive environment. There are too many luxurious hotels in the South-East Asia region but some of the can compare with the Penang Mutiara. In this essay I will talk about too things. First, how the hotel’s management will make sure that the way it manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business. Second, how could the hotel management implement any changes in strategy. First the hotel general manager has the best vision and very clear focused beliefs about the importance to have an effective operation where customers have every right to demand for the best service to take. To compete for business in the hotel industry world, thel manager have to make impeccable quality strategy where he recognizes that it is impeccable service which gives our competitive advantage tp success.

Since it is cheaper to have regular guests than to get new ones, he learn the advantage of retaining guests through providing impeccable services which will in a way retain high occupancy rates to keep costs down while achieving reasonable profit. To achieve that, he put basic standards for his staff to be very well trained, knowledge, sensitive to think ahead in order to provide basic and value services to satisfy the customer’s . The ability to remember regular customer’s informations can also add to a personal touch when their next visit.

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Plus, quality services in terms of providing good design and top-class materials and being able to practise good preventive maintenance to the building and equipment is another way of sustaining high class image and luxurious to create a comfortable feeling to welcome the guests. The manager measure the performance based on the five performance objectives : Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost.On the other hand the general manager should introduce new strategies to supplement and implement further changes to enhance the existing strategy. Speedily new changes in the short term, supply chain management method can be used to improve internal processes rapidly can also be utilised to stay competitive.The strength of Penang Mutiara includes the strategic location of being secluded and tranquil and with the general manager who has vast experience at managing luxury hotel worldwide, he has the ability to lead and influence the staff to bring about better internal functions.To sustain existing quality strategy,the general manager can adopt proactive approach to enhance and maintain consistentancy in quality and level of services by conducting staff training, retrain and upgrading of skills to meet the volatile market demand and unpredictable customer expectation.

He should always review and set new service standards for the staff for continuous improvement, conduct regular focus group studies to predict future customer requirements in terms of service and facilities, minimise and eliminate high employee turnover at the front desk by taking good care of staff welfare, and exercise job rotation of staff to promote innovation and creativity in the job.With the target group of corporate businessman and to enhance its competitiveness, the general manager can adopt new flexibility strategy by utilisation of most advance reservations technology and internet for hotel reservations. He can also offer online competitive rates while ensuring complete security of customers’ personal information and credit card details and offer instant confirmation for hotel reservations to promote efficiency. Marketing strategies is very important vision for the profitability and value of the hotel such as introduction of frequent user programme, loyalty card program with further savings for travel and vacation plans.

Hotel can also host elite social and sporting events which include International wine and food festival, polo championship, international cup to provide a platform to showcase its various expertises in lifestyle creation which can help to boost high occupancy rates also.


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