Performance through learning experience to achieve effective performance

Performance appraisal should point out an employee’s specific needs for training and development. Development has been defined by the Manpower Services Commission (1981) as “the growth or realization of a person’s ability, through conscious or unconscious learning”. Thus, it is more concerned with long-term individual, or organizational, development than short-term performance. Training has been defined as “a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge or skill behavior through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities”. (ABE ; RRC 2008).Training is essentially concerned with short-term performance of the job or task in hand. Performance evaluation ratings may be helpful in predicting the performance of job applicants.

This essay will attempt to come up with training and development process that would be followed in order to develop a plan for fresh recruits.2.0 DETERMINE SPECIFIC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT NEEDSThe first process is to determine the specific training and development needs of the organization Mondy, (p.200.2008).In addition to that, training and development needs might be determined through conducting analyses on several levels.

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Some of the levels needed to be analyzed is Person analysis whereby human resource manager will determine the individual training needs as final level, for example in Malawi Police Service, recruits after training for three months are deployed for practical’s in different police stations countrywide to see how knowledgeable are they with the job before going back to finish the initial course. Once the finish the course, they are given the post depending on how they demonstrated during practical. 3.0 ESTABLISH SPECIFIC TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES.Training and development must have clear and straight forward objectives and should be developed in the line to achieve the goals of an organization (Armstrong P.

570, 2006). This is so because without a meaningful design, training and development programs, objectives would be meaningless, hence it is worthwhile to evaluate programs. The following should be considered for the purposes and objectives for a training program involving employment compliance: The skills to apply them, the intent of EEO legal equipment etc.4.0 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT METHODSHuman resource manager, should able to describe the various method of training and development for example a person who is working in a garden, should be provided with different tools since some tools are more helpful in performing certain tasks than the others. Mondy (2008) has argued that this logic also should be applied to various methods in training and development of employees. Some of the methods are, instructor-led, this method has advantage of conveying a great deal of information in a short period of time, another methods are, in-Basket training, and on-the-job training https//plagiarism.

net/register.php 5.0 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT METHODSThis method is available to organizations that provide training and development to various employees send by their organization to learn some skills, knowledge so that after finishing the training the recruits can effectively work in their perspective organizations. For example the Malawi police service is sending its employee’s to Mzuzu university to pursue degrees, diplomas in security studies so that once they have finished school they can a achieve the organization goals. Other methods are: online higher education, videoconferencing-Learning (Walliker, 2008) etc.6.0 THE MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT, MENTORING AND COACHING This step consists of all the experiences learned and provided by an organization that has resulted in upgrading skills, knowledge and will be important in current, and future managerial positions.

Sterns and Doverspike, (1987).has argued that management development training can be done outside as well as inside the organization, for example in Malawi police service seminars are held within the institution to conduct refresher courses for both seniors and juniors so that they are conversant with their positions.7.0 ANALYSISHowever evidence shows that analysis of an individual training and development needs is often not given attention in most organizations and this can be improved by recruiting already trained employees to minimize cost since it is expensive to train and develop employees.8.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion, Training and Development is the center of ongoing process design to improve competency and organizational performance.

Training is concern with short term in training the employees and Development is concern with long term in developing employees.


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