Persia other. The best empire is defined based

Persia and Rome The Achaemenid empire, or what is known as the Persian empire, shares a plenty of characteristics with the Roman empire. For example, both, Persia and the Roman empire expanded their land vastly, and grew numerously. In addition, both empires were successful, despite the differing ways of their ruling and maintaining their empires. However, there must be one dynasty that is better than the other. The best empire is defined based on its governing system and its law code. As can be seen throughout the history of both dynasties, the Persian empire is qualifies to be describes as the best dynasty, because it had a strong government system, and a more equitable law code especially while expanding their territories.

The Persian government was stronger and better than the Roman government. It even was a model for other empires because it was a decent government, and it brought various people from different religions and cultures together(Wallenfels, Sasson). On the other hand, even though the Roman empire had a Senate that was controlled by the emperor, they still lacked a real political power.

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In addition, the shift of the Roman government system from an autocracy to a Republic destroyed the empire(World History In Context). In order to control the empire, the Persians divided the region into satrapies, and they had a satrap, an official, for every region. In addition, there was a military and a secretary official, known as the Great King, or the King of kings, in every provenance, and their task was to check on the satraps(Guispe).


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