Person 501. If an individual with capacity

Person centre practice is allowing an individual to have full control of all decisions that are made regarding their life. In order to make these decisions an individual needs to be assumed to have capacity unless proved otherwise, it would be proved otherwise through a capacity assessment where they have been judged not to have capacity to make specific decisions. An individual may be deemed to have capacity in some areas but not in others so will still be able to make their own decisions on certain areas of their life. They must be able to understand and retain the information and use it to make decisions regarding their lives. Any information given to the individual about their care needs to be provided in a sensitive and in a way they understand, they also need to be given time to process and ask any questions they may have. If an individual is assessed as lacking capacity then it must be sought from elsewhere such as: their next of kin, power of attorney or social worker and any decision must be made with the individuals best interests at heart. If an individual has difficulty communicating their consent there are many ways they can be assisted to communicate as discussed in unit 501. If an individual with capacity refuses treatment or care then they should be respected and a record of the refusal made, if the individual is deemed to lack capacity then staff must ensure that the individual is safeguarded and that any decision made is in their best interest. Every individual should be given an informed choice regarding decisions in their life.


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