person the following ways of supporting an individual

person centred care is important for all individuals within a care setting, although it is still important for a person suffering with dementia at the end of their life because they will need e!tra support, a holistic approach must be used to ensure an individual+s needs, wishes and preferences are respected and followed, there will be a need to consider the following ways of supporting an individual with dementia at the end of their life,

&physical support” managing pain, controlling symptoms and providing care to make the individual feel comfortable &psychological support” providing emotional support to the individual and thoseimportant to them, providing time to listen and be sensitive to their concerns,&social support” providing support to the individual and their families about areas such as finances, and legal support.&spiritual support” providing support to the individual to help them understand and make sense of what is happening to them and identifying sources and referring to spiritual leaders who can provide support, also carrying out spiritual interventions if wanted.&food and drink planning” nutrition and hydration must be provided to meet the needs of the individual, the offer of food and drink by mouth as a basic care need, butindividuals who have difficulty swallowing or at risk of choking may need e!tra support from other healthcare professionals.&palliative care” individual+s needs may re(uire specialist care or advice from the palliative care team, a prompt referral is essential when this situation is important to be person”centred to ensure that the individual+s dignity and respect are maintained and that they have the same treatment available to them for someone who does not suffer dementia, promoting their well”being and providing a holistic approach will make the end”of”life e!perience as comfortable as possible for them, treating them as an individual. everyone deserves good care at the end of their life. it is important to focus on the (uality of the individual+s life and death rather than the length of life, making everyday as en’oyable and meaningful as possible

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