person the information among staff members will

person to seize charge. Contribution of any of the information among staff members will be made on a “need to Know” base. It is significant to reassure children, young people and adults that any information will not be leaked and kept confidential as a way to gain and uphold their trust and confidence. It is important for a member of staff not to abuse this trust or put them at threat of damage by exposing personal information to others. On the other hand, if the case of child protection, it might have to be clarify to the child / adult that the information they are sharing with you, this information will have to be passed on the significant senior individual and the reasons following this.

Children should be made aware that any information they choose to disclose, will be taken seriously and frequently it will be a big step for a child to tell and adult their concerns, as a result if they feel this will be shared with others or that other children may possibly “bully” them for talking to a teacher, they are not as much likely to talk about what could be very sensitive subject. Thus significant at all stages to clarify what you are going to do with this information and what will happen next.Adults who work with children and young people will appear to know most of the personal information such as date of birth, address and contact details and as well as sensitive information like behavioral topics, some medical information, family background, if parents are divorcing and etc. The adult has responsibility to keep this information confidential. They have to protect the individuality of the child they work with and that of their families.

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They should do all in their power to guard the privacy of every child and adult.


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