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PERSONAL FINANCE IN OUR DAILY LIFEByChalim AhmedID: 151-15-5128This Report Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.Supervised ByMr. Fahad Faisal Senior LecturerDepartment of CSEDaffodil International Universitycenter141605DAFFODIL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITYDhaka, BangladeshDECEMBER 2018Board of Examiners012318900Dr. Syed Akhter HossainChairmanProfessor and HeadDepartment ofComputer Science & EngineeringFaculty of Science & Information TechnologyDaffodilInternationalUniversityDr. Sheak Rashed Haider NooriInternal ExaminerAssociate Professor and Associate HeadDepartment of Computer Science & EngineeringFaculty of Science & Information TechnologyDaffodil International University013525400Md.

Zahid HasanInternal ExaminerAssistant Professor Department of Computer Science & EngineeringFaculty of Science & Information TechnologyDaffodil International University013334900Dr. Mohammad Shorif UddinExternal ExaminerProfessorDepartment of Computer Science & EngineeringJahangirnagar UniversityDECLARATIONWe hereby declare that, this project has done by us under the supervision of Mr. Fahad Faisal, Senior Lecturer of CSE, Daffodil International University.We also declare that neither this project nor any part of this project has been submitted elsewhere for award of any degree or diploma.Supervised by:-190513271400Fahad FaisalSenior LecturerDepartment of Computer Science and EngineeringDaffodil International UniversitySubmitted by:012318900Chalim AhmedID: 151-15-5128Department ofComputer Science & EngineeringDaffodil International University ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe express our heartiest thanks and gratefulness to almighty Allah as His divine blessing makes us possible to complete the final year project successfully.

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We felt grateful to and wish our profound our indebtedness to Fahad Faisal, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Daffodil International University, Dhaka. Deep Knowledge & keen interest of our supervisor in the field of web development has influenced us to carry out this project. His endless patience, scholarly guidance, continual encouragement, constant and energetic supervision, constructive criticism, valuable advice, reading many inferior draft and correcting them at all stage have made it possible to complete this project. We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, for his kind help to finish our project and to other faculty members and the staffs of Computer Science and Engineering department of Daffodil International University. Finally, we must acknowledge with due respect the constant support and patients of our parents.AbstractThe aim of the project is to help the general people who would like to maintain and update their income and expenditure for future improvement of their way of cost adjustment. Personal finance is one of the ways of financial management system which incur in an individual or in whole family level.

Budgeting plays vital role for cost effectiveness. Therefore there should be always linkage in saving money and spend monetary resource every time. Performing budget and save illustrated future investment and saving money in future need. The application deals with and will be familiar as well as easier to use for all kinds of people though who are new user or expert and interested in daily finance. A person can get all kind of information about his or her income and cost expenditure in this application. In Bangladesh there are many people live under poverty level but some of them are of lack of aimless financial budget and having very little knowledge on keeping cost record, i.e.

lack of financial management. Many of finance sector are not priorities like Medical, Entertainment, and Hobby. We are not funding. Trying to understand aware to all people better effort in every sector in our daily needs. We have done this project by using is, Android Studio, XML, Language: JAVA, Data Base: Firebase. After implementation, the system is tested in different stages and it works successfully as prototype which will be portrayed in this paper.TABLE OF CONTENTSCONTENTS PAGE NOBoard of Examiners iAcknowledgement iiAbstract iiiCHAPTER CHAPTER 1:INTRODUCTION 1-3Introduction 1Motivation of Work 2Objectives 3 Outcome 31.

5 Report Layout 3CHAPTER 2: BACKGROUND 4-5Introduction 4Related Works 42.3 Comparative Studies 4Scope of the Problem 5Challenges 5CHAPTER 3: REQUIREMENT AND SPECIFICATION 6-9Introduction 6Requirement Collection and Analysis 6Use Case Modeling and Description 7-83.4 Logical Data Model 93.5 Design Requirements 9CHAPTER 4:DESIGN SPECIFICATION 10-11Front-end Design specification 10Back-end Design specification 10Implementation Requirements 11CHAPTER 5:IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING 12-16Implementation of Database 12Implementation of Front-end Design 13Implementation of Front-end Design 14Implementation of Front-end Design 15Implementation of Front-end Design 16CHAPTER 6:CONCLUSION 17-176.1 17REFERENCE 17PLAGIARISM REPORT 18LIST OF FIGURES FIGURES PAGE NOFigure 1.1.:

com/search?q=fianance+introduction 1Figure 1.2: 2Figure 3.3: Use case model 7Figure 3.4: Use case logical Data model &E-R Diagram 9Figure 5.2: Use Login 13Figure 5.

3: Homepage 14Figure 5.4.: Our Services 15Figure 5.5.: Income statement view 16Figure 6.

1: PLAGIARISM REPORT18LIST OF TABLES TABLES PAGE NOTable 3.1: Description of Use Case Diagram of Users 8CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONIntroductionright2642235Personal finance is one of the financial management system which an individual performs save and spend monetary resource over time in order for individual sustainability. When planning personal finance the individual would consider the suitability to his or her own and family member need of arrange of products which directly related to monetary involvement or investment privately.

Even though the word runs on money and our lives revolve around it’s flow An application lack of discussion and education about personal finance We strongly believe that the to come down it’s time for everyone to understand how to grow their money the basic understanding of personal finance . Figure-1.1When developing a personal financial plan, one of the first things we should do is assess our current financial situation. This includes our income, assets, and liabilities. Everyone should not have the same financial plan. It’s depend on his or her income.

A budget that works for one person should be to identify clear statement. the knowledge and skillset necessary to be an informed consumer and manage finances effectively. All of the decisions and activities of an individual or family regarding their money, including “spending”, “saving”, budgeting, etc.1.2 Motivation of WorkTo promote an application in order to all type of people in the world. The responsibility of inspiration becomes a great task of self-motivation.This can be a challenge for many, especially when the experience is new many of us forgetting daily input task. 11049001238250My application is to build for those people who are unconscious their Daly income and cost.

We set a goal and develop a plan. Then we must execute your plan. This is where the trouble begins. There are dozens of books to help you determine your current condition and help you set goals and develop a plan. Unfortunately, Figure-1.2We mostly ineffective because the single most important ingredient to financial success. One of the biggest challenge when you are facing financial budget for frustration is creating or maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

So some motivational speech is given bellow. “To get rich. We have to be making money while we are asleep”- David Bailey”We have way of making money that we nothing of” -John D. Rockeller”I do not believe in spending money lavishly, Now that i am making money”-AnselElgort”The real key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them”-Peter LynchMaking.1.

3Objectives:The application is designed for those, who wish to use their Daily document in daily expense. Its role and importance in our Daily life. This is an introductory resource intended to provide people with a solid foundation on how decreased their cost and increase their income. OutcomesLead a Discipline life in every steps Manage our daily life It’s work multipurpose suitable for commercial work The sector of IT in Government of Bangladesh is continuously inspiring the people for setting up personal application.Commercially it has a huge market 1.5 Report LayoutIn this report, we have organized the rest of parts as follows: we have discussed about this Project background with related works. Comparative studies, scope of the problems and challenges in Chapter 2.

Then, in chapter 3, we described about requirement specification including business process modeling, requirement collection and analysis, case modeling and description, Logical data model, design requirements. We have conversed about design and implementation. In this section, we have deliberated about front-end design as well as back-end design with interaction design application viewing and implementation requirements in chapter 4. After that in chapter 5, we have discussed about implementation and testing part in implementation of interactions, testing implementation, test results and reports. Finally, we have concluded the report with future scopes in chapter 6.

CHAPTER 2BACKGROUND2.1 IntroductionWe face different problem in our daily finance budget like every sector in our life such as education, medical, transport etc. We build this application to motivate them for their daily expense information providing to help and support.Most of the people in our country are unconscious about their life style.

Our aim is to guide the people with all kind of day by day updated their finance.2.2 Related WorksIn Our country same type of work does not exist like that. But some similar kind of work exists. But there less user friendly or computationally complex.

As Microsoft Excel, it takes proper training to use. But our target is to make people life easier and reliable. It can be operated by those people who can use smart phone.

We work very different way and try to completely provide each and every support to our user.2.3 Comparative StudiesTo store users data, we are studied several data base system. But we hope JSON is more faster and easy data base system. To make a good design we have to study design pattern.

We also studied UI and UX. Some simple algorithm such arithmetic. Any type Material design2.4 Scope of the ProblemMaking a note for daily expense is boring.

Therefore, some people aren’t write expense and earning record daily bases. But in reality most of the people failed to find such a program that more usable and keep tract of their cost and earning To solve above problem, we have tried to build an application program 2.5 ChallengesImplementation challenge was less Design part was pretty much harderData availability was important part.Color combination was a big deal for usCHAPTER 3REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION3.1 IntroductionThis chapter covered the whole requirements analysis.

Our main requirement was to build such system that hold daily expense records. Our target devices are low configured. As a result, we huge user. To make attractive and good looking’s we try good color combination. 3.2 Requirement Collection & AnalysisWe have collected basic requirements from field level and internet. Some are followingMedical GroceryClothesMessEntertainmentFeesRentTelephoneElectricityRepair3.

3 Use Case Modeling and DescriptionBasically, User can access this appliocation giving their E-mail ID and password left442595Figure- 3.3: Use Case Model for UserTable 3.1 illustrates the idea of use cases of different users.Use Case Name User of The SystemPrimary Actor UserSecondary Actor NullPre-Condition User Must have an Account for Log In. User need to Give all the correct information for create an account.Description Normally User can use this application and see all the services. If he/she have an account, he will get all listed services. He/she can give feedback to the developer.

Post-Condition Show an acknowledgement to user “You have Successfully Login”. Then he/she will be able to take all the services. Logical Data Model0409575Figure 3.4: E-R Diagram of the Proposed SystemDesign RequirementsThe system will be used individual users.Usability concern we tried minimum activities, fields etc.User can create account and loginUser will give some information like phone number name, number, e-mail so, that’s system can identify unique user.For assigning data we have some text field those data will be stored in databaseCHAPTER 4DESIGN SPECIFICATION4.1Front-end Design SpecificationOur target users are individual normal users therefore we are no admin user.

Every user will login using simple login formLogin field are E-mail address and passwordMenu option are required where user can configure the systemWe include session where the user of the system can save login information through browser cookies. 4.2 Back-end Design SpecificationUser will get a default setting of the system.User will create account and login.User will give some information to create account and login.All the account update will be automatically update to database.Interaction design in essential for make system easy.He done lots of thing to make our system easy.

We use buttons and icons for the people or user can easily interact with the system.We implement many options for selectuser don’t need to input text manually in areas instead of he/she can chose optionInteract with the system. We implement many options for select. User don’t need to input text manually in areas instead of he/she can choose options.

4.3 Implementation of RequirementsTechnology used to develop are as follows:XML- Extensible Markup LanguageDesign: XML-Extensible Markup LanguageProgramming/Scripting Languages: Java Database: FirebaseCHAPTER 5 IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING5.1 Implementation of DatabaseGroup wise Firebase queries should be block with a single transaction to maintain integrity.Needed to create Database user by role.JSON system follows sequential process to handle a DB request.

Process demonstrated bellow (Execution and Parsing Process):JSON request goes to JSON Parser and stores it into remote server.The parsed code goes to JSON executer.Then the request checks the user permission for respective table.User feedback request are stored in DB.5.2 Implementation of Front-end DesignUser Login815340637540This is the home page of our developed system.

In our system have firstly user getting their E-mail ID, Password and confirm password and Sign-up Figure-5.2 User Login5.3 Implementation of Front-end DesignHomepage:This is the page where we can get some feature which all are help to do our daily task.

All tools have access point to entry input data. It can be different calculation.548640146685Figure-5.3 Homepage on website5.4 Implementation of Front-end DesignOur Services:right678180Show a list of our services which is we provide in our Application. And it’s also provide some important view to access.

Figure: 5.4 Our Service5.5 Implementation of Front-end DesignIncome statement view:952500544195It gives the information total available balance. There various sides of coming income like business, job, house rent etc.

all kind of income are adding this site.Figure: 5.5 Income statement5.3 Implementation of I About meFigure 5.6 shows about our team.-6355461000nteractionsTo make our system we have implemented interactive UI for better user experience.

In many cases we have used i CHAPTER 6CONCLUSION AND FUTURE SCOPES6. We are willingly to try to make people life easier than before. Though it is a simple application but we hope that its impact will be much more. We have a plan to include some interesting feature relevant to this task. It’s my dream project.

In future we will add image to text input system, as result user can easily read data from bill or reciteAnother feature we are hoping to include in near future that will enable users to keep tract market location and valuable information by using Google’s new street view system that developed on computer vision and artificial intelligentIf we get some bank transection APIs then we will be able to payment for our user.When we add some extra feature our system will become complex enough so we have to concentrate on performance usability, stability etc. REFERENCES1 Requirement Getting Information: http:https://en. Related Finance Information 3 Related Finance website 4 Requirement collection and analysis:, last accessed on 15-10-2018 at 02.

32 AM5 Requirement Modelling: last accessed on 27-03-2018 at 12.32 AM6 Requirement Color: Requirement Color: http://Requirement Color: Related Similar Website https://personal-finance-websites-college-students-should-check-out/APPENDIXProject Reflection: From Fall-2017 semester we had started our journey for make a very interactive and attractive platform, where an entrepreneur was helped and also our farmers can learn about harvest.

We followed the model for improvement to implement and monitor our interventions and were able to reach our aim.The Project will be very helpful for the poor farmers and young entrepreneurs who want to do something new. As well as all kind of people want to shine in life. And it will be very useful for comfortably people. People will get all kind of entrepreneurship information and details by our web application called “khamar-bari.

info”.So, we believe that our “” will help our people to be an entrepreneur. It could be removing unemployment problem a little bit. PLAGIARISM REPORT


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