Personal I found he was a versatile person,

Personal Reflection During the process, I felt deeply touched by John McCrae’s selfless character and his dedication to his believes and his country, Canada. He was previously a soldier but became a surgeon later on and served an indispensable role during the war. After I read his poem, In Flanders Field, I could experience the grief he felt toward not only that single intimate soldier but to hundreds of thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the world’s peace, Canada’s peace. The empathy I felt toward his situation and feelings gave me more motivations to understand more about him. Through the research, I found he was a versatile person, who had interests in medicine, military, also art and literature.

His contributions at the frontline of saving untold populations of wounded or near-death ones were extremely essential. Overall, I felt I know more and have more connection toward soldiers and doctors like John McCrae, who contributed and even sacrificed themselves in order to keep their homelands away from war and gunfire, to provide future generations, us of a peaceful and better country and world. Tanks marched, barrels roaredIn Flanders Field, we stood and foughtFor the country we belongedFor the people we lovedTo keep the war away from those innocentsTo keep it away from threatening those we loved and cherishedTo keep it away from contaminate genuine happinessTo keep it away from our homes, our countries and our lands. We must not stop nor cringedStood over those who fellCarry their unfulfilled duties and missionsMarch with faiths and their blessingsWe stood, ran and fought.

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