Persuasive If a student’s grades are declining, they

Persuasive EssayThe main objective of a teacher is to prepare their students for the future, learn to love learning and to grow intellectually. Teachers should do their all to improve their student’s grades should teach in multiple ways to support different learning styles. Also, teachers should treat all students equally, and not favour some because of advanced knowledge and ability to learn. Some people say that the teacher isn’t responsible if the students have no will to learn, but think that would be encouraged by the teacher’s attitude and strive for better grades. I, along with 38% of surveyed people, think that it is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that their students are growing intellectually and should be responsible for the grades their students’ receive.I feel that if a student is receiving below average or passing level grades, the teacher is fully responsible. If a student’s grades are declining, they obviously can’t keep up with the pace at school or they aren’t understanding the way their teachers are teaching.

I feel that it is the teacher’s responsibility to teach in different ways to cater to the different intelligences of the students. Teachers, over time, should be able to recognise their students’ strong areas and should adapt their teaching methods to boost their student’s grades. Some students learn more successfully by working with their hands, in groups, individually, by listening, by reading or by speaking.

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Studies have shown that there is a substantial difference between the success levels of the students who have been taught based on multiple intelligences and the students who have been taught by the traditional teaching methods. If a teacher is conducting their classes or making assignments in that use only one of these groups, the students with lower grades will stay that way. However, if the teacher changes and teaches to support the multiple intelligences, the students will understand the content more and improve their grades. I think that the teacher is responsible to help their students to improve, and adapting to the different learning styles of the students is an key one.Teachers should treat all students equally, and not favour some because of advanced knowledge and ability to learn. Some students tend to catch on or understand the lessons and assignments better than some others. The reason they learn faster is because the environment they are placed in is the kind they learn best in. The teacher should definitely not favor the “smarter” students because they learn faster.

Teachers have admitted that it is easy to dote on the students who are “gifted.” It should be the exact opposite; the teacher should focus more on the lagging students and find the environment or ways they learn best in. This way the students will improve and keep up on their assignments. While the teacher is figuring out how to improve the lagging students, the students who are ahead may need to be challenged to work out of their comfortable intelligence. This would help these other students to keep learning new and different topics, instead of breezing through the regular. Work. This way the teacher can get all of their students to have decent grades and they can feel like they have done their students well instead of leaving them unprepared for the future.Some people say that if the students don’t want to improve, the teacher can only do so much.

I believe that teachers are creative and they can find ways to encourage their slacking students to persevere. The teacher should ask the student why they aren’t applying themselves, and then try to resolve the issue. If the student is too lazy or doesn’t feel the need to take their education seriously, the principal and the parents need to be involved to straighten out the student.

A survey was conducted over 81 000 students, and 60% said that they didn’t see the value in what they were being asked to do. However, a teacher cannot be satisfied to let the students not try; the teacher must try their best to motivate the student to learn. The only exception to this would be is if a student had serious mental conditions that were so abnormal that it prevented the student from comprehending basic knowledge or would cause the person to harm the other students and teacher. If the student couldn’t do any type of work, it would completely take all of the teacher’s time and attention and take the other student’s education from them. At that point, an assessment would be necessary to determine whether or not the student needs mental asylum or a personal tutor.I believe that teachers are unquestionably responsible for their student’s grades. Although people may say that it isn’t the teacher’s fault if a student doesn’t apply themselves, I still think that the teacher is responsible to motivate them to learn, I think that if students are having trouble learning and getting bad grades, it is on the teacher to find new or different ways to teach to support the different intelligences of the students. Also, I feel that the more “gifted” students should not be favoured, but rather have their different intelligences challenged while the teacher is helping the other students to improve their grades.

I fully support the fact that teachers are responsible for the grades their students receive.


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