Persuasive people with the same ideas blocking

Persuasive SpeechCongressmen should have the same term limits as the PresidentMembers of House of Rep. are elected 2 years at a time and can serve unlimited number of terms. The longest served term was 60 years and that was by John Dingell Jr., U.

S. Rep. Senate members are elected for 6 years and can serve an unlimited number of terms. The longest served term for Senate is 51 years, 5 months, and 26 days by Robert C. Byrd a Democrat of West Virginia. Terms will prevent the politician from gaining too much power.

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This would remove the politics and that way they would be able to focus more on policy.They get elected every 2 or 6 years. It’s up to the people to change that. We need to vote newer people in and remove the old so that someone else can come in with fresh new ideas for the country instead of keeping the same people with the same ideas blocking change and growth. Things will never get better if nothing is done to make a difference.

New mindsets produce new policies and new laws.Conclusion: They’ve been pushing for this for years now. When the times comes for a vote on term limit for congress, vote yes because without your votes, nothing will ever change, and conditions will stay the same. So…. Vote, Vote, Vote!!!


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