Peter Autism is very odd! II. This disorder

Peter Crespo’s Informative Preparation Outline SpeechTitle: How to Treat AutismSpecific Purpose: To share the audiences my symptoms and treatments of Autism.Central Idea: To learn the symptoms of Autism and How to treat Autism.********************************************************************************************IntroI.

Autism is very odd!II. This disorder not only affects children’s and their families abilities, but they also affect me and my family’s as well.III.

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I have a lot of sympathy in Autism because I was born with it when I was three years old. IV. Today I would like to share with the audience the nature of Autism and how to treat it.Body TR: Before I can share you the ways to treat Autism, let me tell about the nature of Autism.I: Here are three of the my most deficient symptoms in Autism.A.

First, according to the Understanding Life with Autism or Asberger’s, I believe that Autism is the most serious disorder, which affects my ability for both communication & social interaction skills. 1. Lack of communication skills can affect my ability.

a. This includes my restrictions of receiving, sending, processing, to comprehending concepts, or having verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbol systems to other people. b. This also includes my chance to speak 2. Lack of social interaction skills also affects my ability.a.

This includes my restrictions of sharing interests in people, making good friends, and using different expressions and gestures on other people. B. Second, Asberger’s syndrome affects both my social interactions ; verbal communications as well as autism.1. I have irregular development of language and speech, especially using both the improper words or phrases.

2. I repeat words, questions, phrases, and sentences over and over again; in other words, 3. I end up feeling depressed, panicked, or embarrassed. C.

Finally, Fragile X syndrome causes serious developmental problems which includes intellectual disabilities, learning and behavioral challenges and sometimes seizures.1. According to the Journal Of Speech, Language ; Hearing Research, a lot of boys with FXS suffered with language impairments; in fact, they also have an impact on both intellectual disabilities, social anxiety, and attention deficit/hyperactive disorder.a. Intellectual disability is very significant in both intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior.b.

Social Anxiety causes irration anxiety when it comes to social interations.c. Attention deficit/hyperactive disorder causes limited attention and hyperactivity. 2.

ConclusionI. My time is up!II. I hope you learned about my natures of Autism and how to treat Austism.

III. Have a nice day!BibliographySicile-Kira, Chantal. What Is Autism? : Understanding Life with Autism or Asperger’s. Nashville, Tenn. : Turner, 2012, 2012. Foxx, Richard M.

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Journal Of Speech, Language & Hearing Research, 61(4), 857-869. doi:10.1044/2017 _JSLHR-L-17-0248


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