Physical lift their head when sit upright

Physical development. Birth to Twelve months – In their first week, new born baby’s eyesight is not very clear, babies can see you just if you’re holding them very close. Babies body temperature will take few weeks to adjust as in the womb was a constant warm environment. Babies movements are uncontrollable as their muscle are not very strong.Between four and six weeks babies usually have their first growth spurt, at this stage babies will be able to lift their head when sit upright or lie on their tummy. When babies are around three-months old, they can hold objects in their palm for few minutes. From 3-6-months babies start to kick their feet, wave their arms when hearing or seeing someone they know.

Now they can hold their head steady, can see objects more clearly and they can roll over. By the end of six-month babies will be able to, with some help, sit up straight. Babies muscles are much stronger now and some babies can sit up without help and can stand up on parent/carers lap and bounce. Babies will go from lying on their backs to sitting and then crawling.One Year to Three Years – At this age children will be able to feed themselves if you give them finger food, successfully can use a spoon, start drinking from a plastic cup instead of a bottle.

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They can wave shake and stop to pick up small objects with finger and thumb. Children should now be confident on their feet and be able to climb upstairs with both feet together rather than one at a time, they will crawl upstairs with more confidence. They can put shapes into a shape sorter and play with building blocks without assistance. They push or pull toys while walking, if you sing a nursery rhyme they will start rock to the rhythm. Children can throw a ball while sitting or standing, they will climb trying to reach things and they will explore everything what is new. They can remove both shoes and socks, holds two cubes in one hand. Some of the children may start potty training, climb and stand on a chair.

They will begin to recognize name and pick out common objects. Children will have more confidence in their balance, they can jump and stand on tiptoes and kick a ball forward without lousing balance. Holding a crayon with thumb and fingers trying to imitate circular, vertical and horizontal strokes. Begin to cut with blunt-edge scissors. With help from a carer many children will be able to learn to ride a bike with stabilisers.


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