Physical: often reach their productive peak at work,

Physical: This is the stage when they Reach maturity. Also towards the end of this life stage, their physical capabilities begin to decline.

Fertility starts to drop for both men and women, and the signs of aging appear. E.g. muscle strength weakens, reaction time slows downs, sensory abilities, and cardiac functioning. Social: This is when less hectic social life with parenthood responsibilities, Social life and friendships often focused on working life and colleagues. E.

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g. when all children’s have moved out and can spend time with friends. Emotional: Sometimes this can lead to people choosing to cohabit, marry or go through a civil ceremony. This can also lead to Steady relationships create a sense of security and allows them to give and receive love.

E.g. losing a partner, marrying a partner, getting a promotion.Cognitive: This is when qualifications for career achieved also some people often reach their productive peak at work, they often get promoted to jobs where specialist training or education is needed.


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