Physician pound is an additional burden for

Physicianas a partner means being a great team member who recognizes that the surestroute to sustained quality care is through effective teamwork (Cochran &Kenney2014).  Physicians’ level of satisfaction is connected to their perception ofthe amount of time that they have to do their work.

Twenty years ago, it was foundthat one of the primary sources of physician satisfaction was patientrelationships . The primarysource of dissatisfaction was time pressure and  specifically continuous on-callresponsibilities, pressures of work load, and too little personal free time(Dugdale, Epstein & Pantilat, 2012). Physicans per average are given 10mins per patient for a visit because their schedules are so overbooked.  A good example from the movie is when patients are desperate just to talk to someone. Rusheddoctors don’t listen well and usually patients have more than one problem to discuss.But, the minute doctors really listen to patients who are scared and stressedout, that’s where the healing starts. OBESITY NOT TAKENSERIOUSOverweightarises when the body receives more energy substances than it consumes.

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Even 20calories a day more (1 teaspoon of sugar) gives a mass increase of almost twopounds over the year. Overweight of over 20% of the weight adjusted to sex andage, is called obesity.It is mainly theresult of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Sometimes it can begenetically conditioned. Obesity is a serious disease that has seriousconsequences for the functioning of our body. It increases the risk of type 2diabetes and over 90 percent  people withthis type of diabetes are people who are obese. In an overweight person thepressure on the spine when lying down is ¼ of their weight.

Each extra pound isan additional burden for all joints . It leads to degeneration and variousdeformities and related ailments: pain, swelling, limitation of mobility in thejoints. The spine curves up, and discopathy occurs.

Overweight people moreoften suffer from all kinds of health issues and  all this causes major burdens for health care. 


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