Pit are wonderful cuddlers. In fact, most

Pit Bulls are one of the world’s most mistreated and misunderstood breed of dogs. This breed is constantly seen as a threat. Even if it does and good thing it is still misunderstood. So let’s look at some pro and cons about this breed.
Pit bulls have great physical and mental traits. They are also strong, energetic, agile, resourceful, and driven. Determination is one of their most remarkable traits. Whatever they want to do they will put in all their heart and soul to do it. Pits love bounding over fences and climbing into your lap to cascading you with kisses. The most important trait is their miraculous love of people. These dogs crave human attention. They are wonderful cuddlers. In fact, most Pit Bulls think they are lap dogs.
People have created very specialized dogs through emphasizing desired traits and eliminating unwanted ones. It is no different with the Pit Bull breed. The breeders of the Pit Bulls wanted a dog who could fight without fear and for long periods of time. Owners must recognize and accept this fact. If they don’t they won’t be able to provide knowledgeable ownership and have fun with their dogs. But, we can’t blame specialized breeds for behaving like they were bred to.
Pit Bulls are very responsive to training and enthusiastic to please. They are very malleable and will even do well in urban living. But they have to be provided enough exercise or other positive outlets for their energy. So, it is strongly recommended to take them to obedience classes as soon as possible. Many Pit Bulls are really just easy going couch potatoes. They usually don’t get to that point until they mature. The maturing process can take 2-3 years.
We need to stop treating these dogs like criminals and start treating them like dogs. If you were thinking of adopting a Pit hope this will help your understanding. But make sure you take what was said here and apply it to your life style. Let’s help to make these dogs better known for their great traits.


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