Plague death also, is a severe disease

Plague      Beside wars and natural disasters, the other thing that caused alot of death in the history of the world is contagious diseases. By passing the time and improving of the technology, scientists could prevent some of them but couldn’t destroy them at all. Several kinds of diseases are still considered as killers of people. One of the most dangerous diseases of the world is plague. Plague is a dangerous and contagious disease caused by a virus called Yersinia Pstis (“Department of Health”). To prevent its transmission, it is very important to know how it spreads, its symptoms and its treatment.

 Plague which is called Black death also, is a severe disease that killed millions of people in the 14th century. Some scientists think that it was first spread by Roman soldiers who were returning from Persian Gulf Battle in 165 AD. Soon it spreaded in Asia, Africa and Europe. There are three plague pandemic recorded in the history of the world. First, Justinian Plague, started in 541 AD and continued for two hundred years, killed more than 25 million people. The second, the Great plague or black death, first seen in 1334 in china killed millions of people. And the third, the modern plague, also seen in china in 1860s continued for more than twenty years.

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Because its cause was unknown, it killed a lot of people. (“Plague”, 2015)Each kind of plague spreads in different a way. Bobunic plague spreads from the bite of an infected rodent flea.

Some scientists admit that other animals like dogs and cats might also cause this disease to be transmited.This kind of plague never transmits from human to human . The other kind of plague is pneumonic plague. It is the only plague which transmits from one person to another. The person who is sick, spreads the virous in to the air by caughing.

People who are infectd to this kind of plague should not be in contact with others (” Plague”, 2015).  To start treating plague earlier, it is important to distinguish it. For distingushing it, you should know each kind of plague’s symptoms. Sudden start of fever and chills, headache, fatigue or malaise and muscle aches are symptoms of bubonic plague. Septicemic plague occures when a person feels fever and chills, extrem weaknesses, abdominal pain and vomiting, bleeding from mouth, nose or under sking, blacking and death of tissue (gangerene) in fingers toes and nose.

Pneumonic plague which is the most dangerous, starts with caugh with bloody sputum, difficulty breathing, nauseas and vomiting, high fever, headache and weakness (“Plague”, 2017). Each kind of plague has its own symptoms; as soon as seeing them happening,it should be prevented.There are some useful things to do after knowing infected by the virous of plague. First thing that should be done immediately is speaking with a doctor. The person who is infected should be bedridden in hospital and recieve antibiotics.

Wearing a mask helps to prevent the virous from being spreaded into the air. It is very importsnt to tell the doctor about all symptoms of the disease (“Plague”, 2017). Using all the drugs correctly and ontime and doing the same thing doctors tell, is very effective to overcome this illness.In short, plague which is a very dangerous disease, is caused by one virus by the name of Yersinia Pstis. This disease has three kinds and the most dangerous kind is pneumonic plague which transmits from one person to another person easily. Although doctors tried a lot to prevent this disease, still it is killing some people.

There is one important recommendation for all people; if you see the symptoms of any kind of plague happening to you, meet one doctor as soon as possible.   Refferences:Department of Health. (n.d.). Retrieved December 14, 2017, from

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