Planning the second week in SEP 1,

Planning is an essential element in the learning process, where the curriculum goals are achieved in comprehensive and cohesive way. Therefore, it ensures continuity of learning the subject. That what I noticed, during my visit to the Arabic lesson in the library -a kind of lessons I never joined – it started with an interesting activity in which students answered stages of questions to reach the shelf and looked for a relevant book to their topic. Then they had to discuss the topic within their groups.

There was a magical atmosphere because everybody was engaged in the learning process, and the students were interactive, even me as a visitor interacted too with the teacher. The reasons for that she was well – planner, she utilized a variety of activities that made us elicit the information, enhanced our understanding, and created a desire to learn. I used to think that lesson plans are amount of paper that the teacher forced to do, but after the planning sessions in QRTA , and the second week in SEP 1, I realized the importance of the planning process , and how it could change the course of events inside the classroom, it is the first step for teachers in doing anything, and the key to translating their outcomes into reality by using different strategies . Planning includes duration, time management, daily, weekly and monthly actions and activities, Its sheer brainstorming, and a lot of think tank work. And this was done in the Arabic lesson where the teacher paid attention to those important things and took them in consideration, therefore, she sat out her goals, applied them with amount of activities and managed the lesson time too.

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Which made her capable to manage the lesson as a complete unit. However, she faced a challenge that any teacher could face in our classes which is lack of technology because there wasn’t a smart board in the library, but if the technology was there it could give another perspective of understanding the text. That absent of technology didn’t stop the teacher and moved her to plan B. The only thing that I wished was to do a similar English lesson in the library That lesson inspired me to think about the importance of having alternative plans in necessity because planning requires basic things and conditions such as what to do you want to teach your student, how would you do that, what to do if this happens or if it does not happen. And to apply these questions correctly in my future lesson plans, I will think deeply when I’m going to plan in the coming times, also I would like to reflect more on my planning to help to keep track of what is going right or wrong, it will also provide me with a deeper understanding of my thoughts and actions, as well as of the surrounding environment. After writing this reflection, my eyes were opened to a new thing needed in planning like; thinking about all possible situations and reflecting what will happen inside the classroom. ..


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