Plastic segment of the ecosystem. Different components of

Plastic pollution has so many negative effects.

They are not confined to one segment of the ecosystem. Different components of the environment are affected and this causes loss of biodiversity. The planet is much better when it’s clean and pollution is kept at a minimum or completely eradicated.

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People have to be ready to do what is necessary to make that happen. The business community has its role to play. Yes, they are after making profits because that is what motivates them. But would they even operate their businesses when the earth is inhabitable? This should be the question that every entrepreneur asks him or herself before making environmentally destructive business decisions. A smart business person knows that a clean and healthy ecosystem is important for success. You can’t run a business when you are unwell, put down by the many plastic pollutants.

The investors, therefore, have a moral responsibility to ensure that the environment is conserved. The government must also perform its responsibility to the electorate by delivering on its mandate of keeping them safe and well. That means that policies to reduce plastic pollution should be enforced to force compliance from players that are unwilling to do so. Lastly, individuals must also do what is right to protect the environment and themselves. They must strive to have a clean planet by recycling waste products, using green alternatives and disposing of wastes appropriately.

When we all do what is necessary, we reduce plastic pollution and conserve the environment. It’s obvious that nearly all of the causes of pollution are as a result of human actions. Changing our ways of life would help reduce it.


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