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Plastic pollution in Dominican Republic
MGMT 8408: Leadership Studies, Tuesday
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A. Background information about the topic?
The Dominican Republic is second largest Caribbean country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Toady there is an estimated 354 landfills in which majority are unmonitored and unregulated for hazardous effects in the environment and human health. In 2012, An Inter-American bank completed a study in which they found that 7,200 tons garbage are produced daily in the country 5,832 tons are deposited in open dumps while 1,368 tons are sent to controlled spaces where it is covered with earth. According to environment ministry, 35 percent of waste is organic, 30 percent is paper, 9 percent is plastic and 6 percent is metal.

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B. What is the problem/issue?
All the beaches and oceans are polluted because of plastics, glass, metal, Styrofoam, elastic, forsaken angling apparatus, and abandoned vessels. These are verifiably one of the most inescapable contamination issues influencing the shorelines, coasts, seas, ocean bottoms, inland conduits and terrains of Dominican Republic.

C. Who is affected and where is this problem happening?
Human and marine life affected by plastic pollution as well as it also covered the beaches and clusters the rivers. Also, millions of birds, turtles, fishes and other species affected by marine debris. This ingested plastic damages the internal organ of fish. People ingest debased fish and mammals. There are diverse kinds of ways that plastic is dangerous for people. Coordinate poisonous quality from plastics originates from lead, cadmium, and mercury. These poisons have been found in many fish in the sea, which is extremely unsafe for people. Different poisons in plastics are straight forwardly connected to tumors, birth absconds, resistant framework issues, and youth formative issues. This problem occurs in Bajos de haina, a Dominican famous city and the city of Playa Montesinos is an urban beach located near the port of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

D. Why is this problem occurring?
This problem occurs because most of the coastal countries dumped plastic trash and garbage including bottles, food, boxes, straws, bags, cans, cups, caps, etc. into the oceans.

E. What are the core values at the centre of this issues?

A. Who is leader?
Cyrill Gutsch – Founder of parley
B. What is the role of the leader as it relates to the problem and issue?
Parley is at present nearby working with the naval force, the armed force, open laborers and the civil government. More than 500 open specialists were prepared for the task and following three long stretches of work groups had gathered 30 tons of plastic. six tons of that has been recouped by Parley to be changed into Ocean Plastic – a top notch material used to make items that go about as images of progress and reserve the fight against marine plastic contamination. Apparatus and trucks have been drafted in to manage the monstrous tide of plastic, quite a bit of which should be sent to landfill since it is blended and tainted. Past helping with tidy up endeavors, Parley is attempting to execute the AIR technique (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) all inclusive. Working with nearby pioneers and government, the arrangement centers around instruction and correspondence, recognizing the base of the issue, and working with approach producers enhance the island’s waste and reusing foundation.Altogether, more than 1000 tons of flotsam and jetsam has now been expelled from the affected district in Santo Domingo since July thirteenth. Regardless of these endeavors, more plastic touches base with the tides every day. Conference is taking a shot at a long haul get ready for the Dominican Republic and will stay on the ground there. As a major aspect of the Parley AIR technique, we will keep on organizing progressing clean-ups, actualize training activities and create squander administration procedures with our nearby accomplices. In case you’re in the Dominican Republic and might want to get included if it is not too much trouble join beneath.

C. Discussion of the leader’s background and credentials?
Cyrill Gutsch,born in 1971. He is an honor winning originator, situated in New-York City, he was motivated to set up Parley for the Oceans when he met chief Paul Watson, a lobbyist for marine preservation, fellow benefactor of Greenpeace and the leader of the world’s most dynamic marine non-benefit association the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

A. Identifies challenges and obstacles regarding the problem and leader?
Water contamination is for the most part the consequence of the store of waste by people in streams, waterways, lakes, oceans and seas. Truth be told, waterways have filled in as sewers for human social orders since old circumstances. been dumped into streams since large number of years, Fecal waste and sewage have been dumped into streams, expanding the measure of fecal coliform microscopic organisms, which adjust water quality, subsequently causing illness in people. the measure of waste that people have dumped into waterway waters has surpassed their heap and self-cleaning limit, causing harm and loss of biodiversity and other normal assets. Fish that feed in these streams end up debased and may bite the dust. Thus, people get harmed by eating these polluted fish (with lead, even). It also causes various serious health illness to the people of Dominican Republic.

B. How are these challenges and obstacles overcome and resolved?
Parley is the coordinated effort arrange where makers, masterminds and pioneers meet up to bring issues to light for the excellence and delicacy of our seas and work together on methodologies that can end their pulverization. To clean oceans and upcycled marine garbage and built up an equation for long haul change — the Parley AIR Strategy: The methodology is basic and effectively scaled crosswise over private family units, governments and enterprises—and the imaginative businesses that form reality through thoughts, materials and items. In view of the way that no less than consistently breath we take is created by the seas, that humankind can’t make due on a planet with inert oceans, the name Parley AIR likewise remains for three activities:
A = Avoid plastic. “Keep away from” incorporates activities to instruct individuals on the significance of lessening plastic utilize, how to dodge superfluous plastics and the benefit of supplanting new, virgin plastic with Ocean Plastic materials produced using up cyclemarine flotsam and jetsam. Through Parley Talks, sea specialists teach youth, makers, masterminds and pioneers on the reason to motivate activity. This instruction stage is the initial step to introducing change.
I = Intercept plastic waste. “Catch” is an extensive way to deal with gather existing waste utilizing different strategies from high oceans to coastlines, redirect plastics from landfill and keep it from entering the seas in any case. While it is troublesome and costly to get plastic waste out of the vast ocean, where it is broken separated into minor pieces and where just a little rate is found at the surface, Parley is putting a solid spotlight on shorelines and shorelines with its worldwide system of accomplices and tasks.
R = Redesign plastic materials and items. “Upgrade” addresses advancement around materials, items and better approaches for utilizing them. The first vision was to transform marine plastic flotsam and jetsam into an opportunity and make it an alluring other option to virgin plastic. With the name Ocean Plastic. Conference effectively acquainted this material with workmanship, design and games networks, setting a solid pattern and new standard for the utilization of reused materials. In the wake of setting up a worldwide system with confirmed Parley Supply Chain accomplices involved reusing organizations, yarn and texture creators, Parley would now be able to work towards its most difficult objective: the advancement of new materials that can swap plastic for good.
C. Is the leader an agent of change? Are they successful or not?
Yes, he is partially successful in cleaning oceans and he is already in progress. He creates awareness among people about plastic pollution. He also did various collaborative talk and project with coastal countries to recycle their plastic trash.

D. Describe their impact on society, economy, environment, health care, etc…..
It has great impact on society. He put efforts to control plastic pollution, as a result many health issues are decreased at some extent, but his economic level is decreased as he recruits workers to clean the ocean and collect trash from ocean. It also has great impact on environment as plastic pollution is decreased so many diseases are controlled at some extent and environment become clean and safe to breath. Marine life is also improved.


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