Plastic flora international conservation: Ocean Plastic Pollution)

Plastic pollution is a mounting dilemma throughout the world, it is the result of people’s attitude towards the environment. Plastic is destroying our oceans, this is evident with the statistic that over one million marine creatures and birds die each year due to plastic. This essay will discuss how plastic is destroying our ocean as well as what animals are affected by plastic pollution and finally how people can help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Plastic pollution affects every waterway and ocean throughout the world. When there is damage in the water system, this puts people’s own well-being at risk. According to (Fauna and flora international conservation: Ocean Plastic Pollution) the article “A danger to sea life” states that plastic is accumulating in the world’s oceans at a staggering rate. An estimate of eight million tons of plastic reach oceans every year that is the equivalent to 16 shopping bags full of plastic for every metre of coastline. The amount of plastic being eroded along coastlines have exceeded which admittedly cost the lives of marine creatures and birds. Another way to view this is the plastic invading the ocean is not biodegradable therefore it will take an increasing amount of time for it to decompose.

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