Pokémon Go- the massive world-wide phenomenon. I’m sure

 Pokémon Go- the massiveworld-wide phenomenon. I’m sure you’ve heard about people heading out in both avirtual world and the physical world, wanting to capture the infamous Pokémon.But is it really worth all the hype?  Since its release, Pokémon go hasbeen downloaded by more than 50 million people, with the figures still rising. Imean, when I first downloaded the game, I too was a victim of this Pokémonplague. I recall being a part of this sensation, wildly running to locations tocapture mythical creatures, until I realised how stupid I must have looked inthe eyes of many. I realised that I had spent about three quarters of my day ona game whose servers aren’t even active about 99.9% of the time.

I could’vespent my time on something much more productive, rather than goof aroundpointlessly. The game isn’t even available all around the world! I’d have touse a foreign account to download it, and this process is very unsatisfyingespecially when after going through the extremely tedious process ofdownloading it, you only find out that the servers are down, and are hence onlyleft with the intense feeling of smacking Nintendo in the face with your phone,very hard.  Furthermore, I believe the game shouldbe banned as it is honestly a public disturbance. According to resident JoyceWong, her quiet neighbourhood was transformed into what she describes as a “placeof carnage” with hundreds of people wandering around like “zombies”. “The carhooting noise was incessant, on weekends you felt like you were under siege andthe rubbish and litter all over the public areas was terrible” she says. Anotherpoint that I would like to raise regarding this atrocity, is that there isalways the risk of the public being in danger. You would think that adults areresponsible right? Well think again. A couple in Arizona left their 2-year-oldchild at home to drive around and play Pokémon Go.

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The parents were arrested onchild neglect charges. Is this really the world we live in? Where even two fullygrown adults would ignore their own child to take part in something that has noreal effect on reality. Another incident that proves the dangers of Pokémon Go,a teen was shot dead when he broke into a home with his 17-year-old cousinwhile playing the game, according to local reports. The residents of the homemistook him for a burglar.

This implies that game is teaching young individualsto commit various crimes, each being more horrifying than the next. I myself,have seen people get bullied because of the team they’re on (yet anotherpointless feature of the horrendous game), and I do think they’re pitiful,especially for not taking a hint and realising how malicious the game truly is.As Pokémon Go is also classified as a video game, it wouldn’t be wrong to saythat it has a negative impact on academic success. According to a studyconducted to observe the effect of video games on academic performance, thefollowing conclusion was reached: “For children without games, scores go upover time, for boys with games, scores remain relatively stable. You don’t seethe typical development in reading and writing.” said Robert Weisco-author of the study. This is due to children playing video games so oftenthat it eventually results in addiction, and as a consequence they neglecttheir studies.   Although most of you would saythat the game is an “advantageous” contribution to society as it serves itspurpose of motivating people to be more physically active, I for one thinkotherwise.

If you’re an avid user on YouTube, you may have come across variousvideos that show you how to ‘hack’ the game by using a joystick, to control thecharacter. This allows the player to play the game without actually doing anywork, hence having no positive aspect to this trend. So it goes without sayingthat there is utterly no point of this game, since even it’s only beneficialfeature can easily be rendered to be completely futile. Taking this intoconsideration I’d also say that playing this game is almost equivalent toslumping on your couch, with an extra-large bag of potato chips, binge-watchinga T.V. show you aren’t even interested in, despite having an important deadlinetomorrow.  In conclusion, Pokémon Go is justa waste of time that’s been given more attention than it needs to have beengiven, distracting students from important school work, and adults fromimportant responsibilities.

I would strongly advise people to not go anywherenear this abomination referred to as a “game”. 


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