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Police brutality is one of the biggest crimes in Bakersfield, CA. It has a big impact on many civilians’ lives. Bakersfield community will become a much more peaceful community once this issue has been dealt with immediately. How the police interact with the community affects its citizens, specifically a brutal form.

For instance, police officers are not decreasing the crime rates but increasing it; by killing innocent citizens, making false statements about an innocent civilian, and harassing innocent citizens. Several ways to end police brutality are: police departments purchasing cameras that would not be noticeable to an officer, officers being more cautious , vigilant, and aware of their techniques on how to react with a disobedient citizen, and  weapons should be designed in a way that civilians sleep instead of getting killed or hurt. Bringing police brutality to an end is one of the best choice civilians have for a much peaceful society. Introduction      Police Brutality is one of the biggest problem in Bakersfield, CA. According to quotation source, Martin Luther king Jr, “the community can be never satisfy if the minorities are being blamed for the unspeakable horror of police brutality”. Martin Luther king Jr.

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quote meant that, being satisfied is not an option; if the people are being punished and getting killed of something they have not committed. The percentage of police Brutality in Bakersfield is higher than any other states. Many civilians are turning against police officers because of police Brutality. According to Vanity Fair,” over the course of the past two years several high-profile officers involved deaths of black Americans have prompted outer and protest in cities across the country. Most Brutality is direction against minority groups or otherwise powerless populations. According to Vanity fair,” Officers who engage in Brutality rationalize their use of extralegal Force; they claim they are punishing those groups that threaten to disrupt the social order”. This quote was stated because, it shows how police officers are not taking their jobs seriously and who are threatened the most while they (police officers) are on their duties.

Using excessive force while dealing with a civilian is not necessary; unless there’s a purpose to do so. Police Brutality is one of the biggest and main issue in the city of Bakersfield, CA.Effects on the Society According to Bakersfield misconduct lawyers,” police officers gained trust from many civilians inside of that community”. They gained a trust of where they can be trusted with carrying different types of weapons on their side; but what happened when they take advantage of the trust and use it for an unnecessary purpose. Police officers falsifying their reports and lie under the oaths”. According to this quote it is very depressing to realize how many police officers lie to protect themselves from facing different consequences of committing a crime. It is very depressing because the citizens have enough confidence in an officer of dealing with their situations.

Someone that lie under the oath is not a very good role model for the community. This is an effect on the society, because it changes their viewpoint on police officers. It made the citizens thinks before they let a police officer deals with their case. It also is a big impact on the civilians, because they will not call or contact a police officer of any crime inside of their community. For instance, if police officers conduct is not very prominent how can they make a society a better place. Africans Americans, Latinos, and minorities are the three types of civilians that are mostly known as victims of police brutality in Bakersfield.

Many police officers are racist towards the minorities. According to Linn Washington Jr.,” Argues that Americans police disproportionately target minorities for use of force. Police stops and risk mostly black minorities other than whites.

Washington wonders whether the United States ever intends to address this systemic racism in its police forces” (Washington, 39). Washington quotation stand out in this specific section, because he includes what might be the main purpose of killing and abusing minorities concerning police officers. According to mentor Sujen Stephens,” all police officers should be introduced to a racial profiling test once a year to see if they have changed their opinion/mind towards racism”. The following quote was stated because taking a racial profiling test once a year will be a great idea to see how many police officers are living with a racism mindset. According to Tess Owens,” about 50% of black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to endure police brutality—-like being roughly patted down, grabbed, handcuffed, struck with a baton or pressed up against a wall—than whites, a new study had found”. This quotation, is very useful because it provides a percentage of police brutality on African Americans and Hispanic. According to Joe Arambulo and Serena Gonzales,” their brother James De la Rosa was shot by 4 Officers because he was falsely accused of reaching for a weapon when he was only reaching for his wristband”.

An officer that ponder something before it occurs is an officer that will increase the crime rates in the community of Bakersfield. Body camera is not any helpAccording to Shahid Buttar,” early versions of policies governing their use, law enforcement officers must physically activate the camera when they exit their patrol car. The recording equipment must be manually activated when interacting with civilians or recording statements during investigations. However, officers decide when to activate the camera, and for how long the footage would store, and when it should be made accessible to the public, (Buttar, 124). According to this quote, police officers are giving many opportunities which is why they are taking advantage of it. Having the opportunity to activate a camera or not; it will give them more opportunities of how to get away with their crime easily.

 Police department should purchase a camera that would not be noticeable to an officer. This would not give them the opportunity to turn it on or off. According to a video on YouTube,” An LAPD officer accidentally filmed himself putting cocaine in a suspect’s wallet”. Yes, a camera might be helpful in these types of situations, but think outside the box of where a police officer can block the camera from recording important evidence. Therefore, the head of the law enforcement system needs to purchase cameras where police officers won’t know if the camera is connected or not; or if the camera is attached to their uniform. This would let them be more aware before they react towards a civilian. Police officers should not receive any type of privacy unless they are on their break or day off.

 That’s the only time the body cams will be off otherwise it will be connected 24/7 to decrease the percentage of Police Brutality. Federal Government is failing to correct Police brutality According to Barry Sussman,” United States federal government is not holding abusive police officers accountable for their wrongful actions. Rather, it is attempting to reform their policing practices without punishing those responsible for committing crimes against citizens” (Sussman, 161).  According to this quotation source, the federal government who should put their citizens first are not trying anything to make their citizens feels safe either is the federal government trying to do anything to bring police Brutality to an end. How is this helping and protecting the people when there is no help from either side. This quotation source present how an innocent civilian can get punished for something they have not committed but a police officer get away with their crime by killing or injuring an innocent one.

 Civilians are living in a cruelty world where they can’t trust police officers either their government. Living in a society without any justice is not any help towards the community. According to Barry Sussman,” he argues that the current epidemic of police violence aimed against the very citizens they are sworn to protect and serve shows no sign of abating. Just this past week March 2015 has focused attention on high profile incidents involved the savage beating of a mentally ill man holding a screwdriver. These and countless similar incidents have exposed the motto “protect and serve” to be utterly Orwellian referring to author George Orwell and used to describe situations that threaten the welfare of a free society, while severely diminishing how the public views law enforcement” (Sussman,162).

 This quotation source provides information of how a recent crime did not drag the attention of any federal government. There are many crimes that should seek attention from the ones that sworn to protect the community; but instead the innocent victims are being blamed for causing a crime they may not initiate or committed. Does this mean the federal government are there to protect the citizens or are they there to harassed, beat, judge, and killed civilians like a police officer?If there’ s no protest, there’ s no earsProtesting might be the only way many citizens word might be heard in Bakersfield, CA. According to the first amendment,” congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. This quote was stated because citizens are given the right of freedom of speech because of the first amendment; they’re also given the freedom to peaceable assemble. During a protest the citizens never received the right to peacefully assemble, because police officers always make it seems like civilians are doing something unfavorable. Protesting is the only way civilians might be heard by the federal government and president. Taking the right to protest from the citizens might not make the Society any better.

 Grievances happened to any family. For instance, there’s no difference if a police officer family grieved so as an innocent civilian family. They are both human being and if the citizens decide to protest let them be; police officers does not have any right to bring anyone protests to an end. Civilians and police officers are shedding the same color blood through their veins. Continue protesting for the lives of the innocent civilians throughout the community.

Juan Thompson,” argues that although the deaths of American civilians and police officers alike are worth grieving, no one should be requested to stop protesting against police brutality. Africans American especially, Thompson believes, citizens deserve to continue doing this, as they have historically been treated poorly by America’ s Police” (Thompson, 133). This quote was stated, because it provides information of why citizens should continue protesting. Conclusions In conclusion, there are a good deal of culpability of the increase of police brutality in Bakersfield, CA.

Bringing solutions together to decrease the percentage of the horrible crime of Police Brutality will make the citizens of Bakersfield have a peaceful mindset. Purchasing a weapon that should designed in a way that would let the civilian sleep instead of getting killed or hurt might become one of the biggest solution to decrease police brutality. According to this solution a civilian will sleep for at-least an hour until they are being put behind bars; instead of being put in a coffin in 2-4 days. Police Brutality is affecting minorities and the police officers. For instance, minorities are changing their viewpoints on an officer and the society will not be any better if both antagonist cannot get along. According to Richard Rowe,” it might sound cute and innocuous, but this anachronistic policy has sent more innocent people to prisons, hospitals and morgues than perhaps any other in history” (Rowe,22).

Police brutality will affect a police officer, because they can lose their jobs, put behind bars, and it will also give them nightmares of killing an innocent one. Police officers and minorities can face many consequences towards police brutality. Working together to decrease the percentage of police brutality might also be another way to solve the problem. Citizens can cooperate by listening, being obedient, and collaborating with police officers. Also, a police officer should try to relax, is the bigger person at the scene, and there should also be a rule in the law enforcement system of where you should surround the civilian without approaching them until they are lay flat on the floor. According to Richard Rowe,” there was a time when police officers were respected, even among the criminal community, as public servants.

Cops were once the heroes of many civilians, their icons and role models; they were the people they knew they could call on for help. They were the good guys. Even the bad guys understood that cops risked their lives daily to  protect and serve (Rowe, 28).

 Rowe also stated,” he believed that someday, in some distant future, the citizens may get their heroes back. Certainly, this cycle of violence, brutality and injustice can’ t continue upward forever”     (Rowe, 29). 


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