PORTFOLIO is tough but keep chasing your

PORTFOLIO ITEMSLesson-1 Steve Job and Nick Vujicic Graphic OrganizerSTEVE JOBS Steve Jobs .Dropping out of school allowed him to recognition on calligraphy and implemented it to computer systems. .

Do what you adore doing and hold searching in advance. Life is tough but keep chasing your dreams as it is and in no way to give up. Steve Jobs is the co-founding father of Apple Computers.

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He was dropped out of college but dropped into training he changed into inquisitive about, existence turned into now not smooth – homeless and no meals and 10 years later he created Macintosh and he gave us an I-phone. His story gave off self- belief and understanding your self-worth. The story that Steve Job’s told of his struggles and fulfillment, it helps so many of people like us.2.

Nick Vujicic Nick Vujicic is a Great speaker. He Raises funds by way of motivationally and professionally speaking. His speech makes him unique because he thinks that When you fail, strive once more over and over till u don’t accomplish your aim. He can still do things without limbs. He Runs a non-income agency referred to as Life Without Limbs.

He tells of his difficulties in existence, and the way is dad and mom continually helped and stood by means of him through-out his entire existence. Hugs in preference to shaking palms. His speech become effective due to the fact here we’ve an individual who is disabled, however does allow it define who he is and what he can accomplish. BlOG On The SpeechesSteve Jobs and Nick Vujicic each gave tremendous speeches. Both people with a theme at the back of there speech. Steve Jobs talked about his life as a drop out and the way the trade in his life took place after he commenced believing in himself that he may be whoever he wants to be. He speaks of technological advances he introduced within the laptop and get in touch with industry simply by means of how influenced and bold he became. Whereas, Nick Vujicic scenario become very special from Steve Jobs, however applied the equal concept in specific manner.

Nick spoke approximately his struggles together with his incapacity and the way he became approximately to surrender desire. Then shifts the mood about how he was capable of overcome all that with the assist of family and pulling himself as much as defeat fear. However, both audio system believed in themselves, and accordingly stimulated the audience.

However, Nick’s speech was based totally on more a touchy subject matter than that of Steve Jobs. Similarly both had the equal theme, to in no way give up and maintain attempting.Lesson-72. The passage from T.S.

Elliot poem may want to relate in existence’s adventure and the fear of taking dangers because the man wasn’t positive if he want to take a chance or take a threat. He’s in doubt on what step he need to take.3. Here I am, strong as can be,To think like we are able to and we will beShort breath, long breath all is well Display of lifestyles in an open sea.Swimming inside the water loose as can be. Thinking that lifestyles is an hour glass on pinnacle of it. We will be unfastened ultimately of the night.

Starts are vibrant moon is sparkling.Let move of all of the pain and be free once more.Lesson-92.Both memories introduce a girl who no longer glad with their life monetary state of affairs.

In ” the rocking horse winner” this girl is Hester. She is dissatisfied because she can not stay the lifestyle she desires with the form of money that her husband are making. The diamond necklace ” Mathilde who’s the same and have lack of price range. Both is this lady are greedy and materialistic. Paul and Madam Forestier are the same. Paul is willing to partake in self harming activities for money and doing it to benefit love from his mom.

Madam Forestier do now not care if her Jewellery are faux. There become no need for high priced stuff to live happy. After ten years she still look great whilst Mathilde elderly and unrecognized. In the give up, Paul had gotten unwell and died. His mother misplaced a son due to the fact all he ever wanted changed into to make his mom satisfied.

Mathilde however labored so hard for decades looking to get her intensity paid off. Both of this characters had suffered and with a bit of luck they’ll found out that cash cannot buy happiness.Lesson-11Mind Map For Market Campaign544830025781000401955124828400 Bayview Public Library branch956936202ActivitiesTry a dance classDance Art StudioBallroom danceActivitiesTry a dance classDance Art StudioBallroom dance5474069127610Offered classes and Workshops00Offered classes and Workshops3410112163830361486345882Start at the Library00Start at the Library386794793345Adult Art classes 00Adult Art classes 49225345493500518013835176Artbarn School00Artbarn School3680460573123062177123677530564892326003907628154940Watercolour, drawing, pottery, oil painting…00Watercolour, drawing, pottery, oil painting…5993765206375Bakery 00Bakery 169869975565Elkhorn Parkette 00Elkhorn Parkette 47166474295Hawksbury Park 00Hawksbury Park 6315075255269001314450108585007835691466850056673752286000460629021443Food00Food1514475914390022481283820Parks 00Parks 404037216232400210201287630Marketing Campaign for My Local Community! 00Marketing Campaign for My Local Community! 600392574295Bakery Garden 00Bakery Garden 4610100135255001311274131445005703570457190038099913335005305425108585Fast Food 00Fast Food 424815041910Chinese Food 00Chinese Food 1905028575Bessarion Parkette 00Bessarion Parkette 84963026035Bayview Village Park 00Bayview Village Park 575310014287500448627566675005593715100965South St.

Burger Co 00South St. Burger Co 4163695129540Pearl Bayview Chinese Cuisine 00Pearl Bayview Chinese Cuisine 30568906032500159067560325002930525118745Shopping00Shopping-6667561595Pro Hairlines 00Pro Hairlines 4703445153035Kara-Age udon 00Kara-Age udon 7810501054100088582557785Healthy Living00Healthy Living42576746349900442214065405EDO 00EDO 425767427304006206291035050039242999969400346392414731900209804011874500-28575120015Counselling & Yoga Therapy 00Counselling & Yoga Therapy 3714750124460Your Good Health 00Your Good Health 1966595143510Hand & Stone Spa 00Hand & Stone Spa 131445086359002990850149225Bayview Shopping Mall 00Bayview Shopping Mall 691515311159 Movement Fitness009 Movement FitnessLesson-12Market-campaignThe important message: It will increase motion inside the Bayview Village region. The purpose is to draw greater humans from the surrounding areas and towns, and boom vacationer motion. This will allow the currently unknown locations around the area to be visible to humans, now not just to the present day residents of the place, but also to other Canadians and tourists. This will in the end increase the sales produced via the Bayview Village area and permit greater adjustments inside the location to made to draw even greater human beings. Ultimately the purpose is to carry recognition to the human beings of Canada and vacationers about the options available inside the area and variety of the region.

The goal marketplace: The goal marketplace for this marketplace marketing campaign is the residents of Canada and the tourists. The reason we’re targeting Canadians as well as vacationers is because many contemporary citizens of the region are not even aware of the range of the business to be had right here. The vacationers will be targeted as well considering the fact that will increase motion inside the location resulting from outsiders will encourage cutting-edge business owners to amplify their enterprise in a manner in which its greater appreciable through all kinds of shoppers. Strategy: The approach is to make the advertising campaign visually and verbally persuasive. This can be completed by way of making the visual presentation catchy through including pics and hues. The verbal speech would use irony and humor to increase the attention payed by the centered market. Behaviour trade: We anticipate the targeted audience to return to Bayview Village the subsequent time they determine to go out to a restaurant, or plan to taking a yoga elegance, or sincerely wanting to go somewhere multicultural and various.Lesson-13Three Graphic Organizers on TED Talks1.

Bryan Stevenson on incarceration and injustice: a) He emotionally related to them by using stating data that painful humans chose to stay ignorant of them. He explains to this audience what everyone is actually like however doesn’t show, this causes the target market to narrate themselves because every unmarried individual has a secret. He says “every of us is more than the worst component we’ve ever finished.” Because of this relation, the target market listens to his message a whole lot greater definitely, and were capable of get the point he is attempting to prove. B)He could have to additionally emotionally hook up with the police officer and show now not each person mean to do incorrect, but once in a while its just the best factor they have learned due to the fact that’s what all of us have allowed them to grow up with.

This because we chose to thoughts our own commercial enterprise and paintings on our lives and now not help the manual those who had been in a whole lot greater want. 2. Jeff Han demonstrates multi-touch era: a) He blanketed humor in his talk with the aid of making his clarification approximately multi-contact technology and its features more understandable by means of observe visual techniques. As he changed into defined his 2D panning and movement, he stated: “I can identify up and down that manner.

We just came up with that on the spot, its possibly not the right component to do, however there’s such exciting things you could do with this interface. Its simply so an awful lot fun playing around with it, too.” And the target market laughed.

This is because the target market changed into interested in the manner he way conveying his factor the use of fun and humours strategies. B) He could to add a bit extra kids degree humor to his words, make his verbal speech less technical, and consist of extra visible add with plenty of colors which he can mess around with on the interface. 3.

Susan Cain on introversion: A) Susan matched her message to the target market by way of making it humorous and imaginitive. She defined the difference between the ability to paintings collectively in grounds for introverts and extroverts, and how its distinction of each of them. This became performed by using allowing the audience to assume how it’d sense to be an introvert and running in a group of humans, and what the result could be. And the equal become accomplished for extrovert. As she explained this and permit the target audience to imagine, she used humorous imagery to be imagined with the aid of the audience. This truely allowed her to get her factor throughout in extra understandable manner.

B) She might ought to explain to them why each student’s capability to work in institution is altered by way of the manner they may be. She should apply the equal humor and inventive technique in her speech to allow the young adults to assume how it’ll be want to paintings with different college students and what challenges they could have to face.Lesson-14Business Email to the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce To: Brandon, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Subject: Bayview Village Marketing Campaign Dear Mr. Brandon, I first desired to congratulate on you the enlargement of your enterprise into our community of Bayview Village. It is exceptional to look that City Rentals now has a region in our community, it’ll appeal to many outsiders and growth the movement to our neighborhood stores as properly. The motive for my e mail relates to the idea of attracting clients to nearby shops, which include City Rental, in our neighborhood. Our advertising studies and layout crew has completely evolved a plan for a marketing marketing campaign that prompts Bayview Village’s nearby stores to Canadian citizens living outdoor the community, and to vacationers journeying Toronto.

The Bayview Village Marketing Campaign’s number one goal is to make seen the nearby stores and entice greater human beings to store regionally. This could be performed the use of a visual aid, which includes power point presentation, and a humour stuffed speech. We have already accrued all facts concerning all business inside the network, are becoming the great pix viable of the vacationer points of interest right here, and feature created a guide that humans can comply with to steer them around the network to the numerous shops. Our advertising marketing campaign will show the variety and multiculturalism that our network offers through the very local shops and points of interest. We have a anticipated an increase of seventy eight% in nearby shopping if the advertising and marketing campaign is a success, which it absolutely can be. The presentation will take area on September 23, 2018 Bayview Village Community Centre convention room. It will be greatly preferred if you could electronic mail all of the contributors of the Chamber of Commerce to remind them of the presentation two days earlier. Additionally, we’d need there to be a screen and video projector, and a few aspect lengthy-tables, as we will be imparting the use of a power factor presentation at the same time as the members revel in a few right bakes from our nearby bakery.

We desire to peer all of us then. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Paul Project LeaderInterview – Questions and Answers (Audio)1.

What is the subject of your upcoming presentation? The essential subject matter of the presentation is to encourage humans to visit and shop at Bayview Villages nearby stores and involve themselves within the many sports the community has to provide. Who is the audience you may be imparting to? The targeted target audience is quite tons all of us, from local community citizens to tourists. We plan to draw all elderly customers from within our community and traveller from any part of the sector. Even now, many residents in the network are not aware about the nearby shops that we have, and so that they journey and save at markets outdoor of the network. As for the travelers, many aren’t aware that Bayview Village has tons to provide much like other elements of the Ontario. 3..What key ideas or strategies will you gift? The presentation will focus on multiculturalism, other cultural foods presented through the restaurants inside the network.

It may even attention on how human beings from outside can get a guide to assist them maneuver across the network from place to region. We will display video recordings of the chefs in method of getting ready a meal, pics of merchandise presented by way of nearby stores, and activities supplied within the network with the aid of listing them. 4. What three to 5 persuasion strategies do you intend to apply? I need my target market to be on board with my plan, and to do that I can be using the “bandwagon” technique in by way of speech. Additionally, my speech isn’t always a lecture, but alternatively a consciousness of the easiness that buying domestically brings. Therefore, the usage of humor to symbolize my idea will create a quite convincing surroundings.

There had been many advertising campaigns before for a network. However, my aim is to now not simply repeat the identical old boring stuff, however alternatively introduce the concept in a logo-new way. This will allow my target audience to peer Bayview Village and what’s has to provide is something new and unexplored. 5. How will your visual presentation guide your ideas? My visual received encompass large paragraphs however rather quick key points or phrases. Vast details aren’t required within the presentation considering that a great deal of the info would be blanketed within the speech. The color theme might supply a warm and fuzzy feeling, and the font can be in a trendy format, nothing fancy. The use of images and brief films will emphasize on the products and activities to be had within the Bayview Village community.

6. What will you NOT do for your slides? I will no longer be such as difficult to recognize content, or content that calls for crucial wondering to apprehend. I need to avoid this, as it can lead to a brilliant dull presentation, and I would manifestly now not need my target audience to go to sleep. Such content material can encompass graphs associated with the visitors of consumers within the network for the past couple years, and so forth. Additionally, the slides will now not consist of movies longer than 50 seconds, as lengthy films also make it boring. Short clips might be used to provide an idea of the liveliness of Bayview Village. I would no longer be cramping my slides with textual content or maybe a lot of snap shots.

Rather, I will be using key pictures to help the thoughts in speech respectively. 7. Explain how you may videotape your presentation.

What will you use? Who will tape you? My presentation could be carried out using a Power Point. The presentation to the Chamber of Commerce contributors would be recorded by a video recording digicam held by way of one in every of our team individuals. 8. Do you plan to use simply slides and your voice, or will you also be visible on video? I might be the use of slides and my voice to give, the cause for this is that I wouldn’t humans staring at me however as an alternative have them take note of the slide as I gave my speech in a gentle and persuasive manner. 9. What have you already completed for this venture? What do you’ve got left to do? We have completed the specified studies for this undertaking, we’ve set the time and date for the presentation, all difficult drafting has been completed.

Key factors, ideas, and pics had been amassed and prepared. All this is left to do that, create the presentation utilizing all the collected statistics and images. 10. Which piece of this assignment is the finest mission for you? What are you able to do to get assist with that? The finest task is to gaining knowledge of personal network from corner to corner. It requires a remarkable deal of time to accumulate data concerning each commercial enterprise, understanding the most visited web sites through human beings, and the most popular websites across the community. However, our option to this hassle is to ship couple of participants around the community to discover and enjoy the existence around the community. This shortens the time of amassing treasured data through plenty.Lesson 16 – double-note entryLife of PiPage What happened My thinking 329 I thought to let you know about the black panther that escape from Zurich Zoo inside the center of wintry weather” I like this quote because it reveal how Pi solution all the questions he faces with tales.

I like that he does that because it throws off the men and gets his factor across extra truely in a twisted manner. Sometimes the use of tales to illustrate a point may be greater powerful than just starting the solution without delay.332 “Tigers exist, lifestyles boats exist, ocean exist. Because the three have by no means come collectively for your slender, constrained revel in, you refuse to believe that the may” The way I interpret this, Pi is saying that we do not must see something to agree with it.

This ties in that simply because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I suppose, I. General, people have a tendency to be pretty slim-minded and needless skeptical. I suppose we want to be extra openly accepting of trade ideas and different human’s factor of view.

Just because we haven’t experienced something ourselves, doesn’t suggest it is not possible. The Flying Troutman Page Quotes My thinking 56 “If along the way, something is gained, then something can also be lost” Part of the tale that I located the most interesting had been the flashback to Hattie, and Mins early life and the way Min were given to in which she changed into now. It appears that once Hattie became born, Min began her descent into melancholy, there has continually been troubled relationship among the 2. And Mins melancholy affected the entire family. Hattie appears to like her sister and could do something. This quote from the novel sticks with me and display us glimpse into Mins troubled thoughts.

Did she consider that for the entirety she ever were given in her life p, she would additionally loose something. Just seems truly sad. Lesson-18 PORTFOLIO: Heroic mythPeriods of chivalrous mission platter EvidenceCall to enterprisePerseus was given an errand to convey medusa head as a blessing to Polytectes for his wedding since he did not bring any blessing.

Otherworldly GuideHermes and Athena gives Perseus a winged shoe and sickle.Journey begin Journey starts when Perseus acknowledged the assignment to bring medusa’s head home.Test and Ordeals Perseus will confront a considerable measure of difficulties. He must be overcome and gallant to fall all and bring home medusa’s head.Going up against the goals He does not know whether taking medusa’s head will being him alive, he does not know whether this errand will end his life however he has an objective.Transformation Along the way, Persues met Andromeda to whom he experienced passionate feelings for love and wedding.Fulfilling the quest He addressed every one of the difficulties, survive all, meet his better half or more all could bring home medusa’s head.Enchantment Fight Met Pegasus his flying horse who kept him protected and able to fly home safe.

Returning home He became king, and killed his granddad king Acrisius. Adjusting to normal life Persues and Andromeda lived happily ever after.Lesson: 19 Reaction Journal! Accepting or not accepting by any means Life of Pi A few, similar to religion, have most likely been conversed with death. Regardless, one thing I feel that has not been talked sufficiently about is Part Three of the book. This book would be altogether different were it not for the third area.

The third area of the book is told from a totally alternate point of view than the rest, and in a totally unique style. As opposed to a tale about the past like whatever remains of the book, area three discloses to us a greater amount of the current circumstance in a discussion amongst Pi and two agents. This change extremely amazed me. One thing that struck me was the change back to the stressed written work. In segment one of the book, Yann Martel would compose as himself. In the creator’s note, he expounded on how he met with Pi and a few people who were near him and educated of his story, and in the main area he proceeds with that by talking about his gathering with Pi (these parts were constantly stressed).

During the time segment this was suspended, yet the simple first thing in the third segment is a note by Yann Martel. He talked about a discussion between two Japanese specialists and Pi. In spite of the fact that we realize that these discussions were all totally anecdotal, they regardless add a pinch of reality to the book. They additionally offer more nitty gritty data. Whatever is left of the novel is recounted as a story, and to me, that implies that certainties are contorted by the teller’s perspectives. What was composed may not be totally or genuinely what happened, since Pi may have had daydreams from his physical shortcoming, or other such setbacks. As opposed to this are Yann Martel’s records of how he as far as anyone knows occurred this fearless story.

As I would see it, these are chilly hard certainties that add a critical measurement to the plot. Not exclusively are they “certainties” (with respect to the story, since we know it is all anecdotal), yet they enable us to recognize what isn’t. We can truly observe what Pi’s feelings are – how frightened and alone he had felt, how mitigated he was the point at which he achieved land and how Pi was presently, with a family. The two Japanese men question Pi and just uncertainty his story. Through these two doubting characters, Yann Martel tends to the specific inquiries that numerous perusers have about the truth, or the likelihood of the real world, in this novel. They said that green growth island was naturally unimaginable. They contended that it was exceedingly far-fetched he could get by on a raft with a full-developed tiger.

They questioned the minor possibility that two individual men in two individual rafts could keep running into each other amidst the Pacific Ocean. These illustrations were things that I likewise discovered hard to accept. Be that as it may, Pi contended, “Love is difficult to accept, ask any darling. Just getting by can be a struggle to accept, ask any researcher. God is difficult to accept, ask any adherent. What is your concern with difficult to trust?” Despite the fact that it is so difficult to trust the story, I should concede that I can’t totally preclude the likelihood from securing any of these things happening.

There is dependably a plausibility, in spite of how difficult to trust it is. Something that struck me most about the third area was what can be known as the other story. A story that assumed control 300 pages to tell was outlined in less than 10. Obviously, this synopsis was not the story we knew, but rather altogether different. There were no creatures in the story, yet rather individuals. In the raft were Pi, his mom, the French cook and a mariner. Pi recounted a repulsive tale about the heartlessness of the cook and the passing of alternate survivors.

The story influences you to ponder what the genuine story truly was. Did Pi truly make due on a raft with a tiger? Or on the other hand did he truly encounter the fiendishness and threatening methods for a severe Frenchmen? I read in another content about this area of the book, in which Yann Martel examines the decisions that we make. He suggests a conversation starter of which story you, the peruser, would pick. The second story was ghastly. In any case, regardless of how shocking the story was, I realize that demonstrations, for example, these are submitted regular, everywhere throughout the world. Mankind and society has turned into a heartbreaking story, and in spots, for example, we are living presently individuals endeavor to cover up and veil these issues, and deny that they exist. But then, everywhere throughout the news, we see starvation, kill, assault, psychological warfare and war.

Interestingly, the main story is a story about the viciousness of creatures and what regularly is by all accounts a pitiless hover of life. The hyena murders the zebra and orangutan; the tiger slaughters the hyena, the Frenchman and the meerkats. There is the same amount of executing as in the main story. The distinction is that these were creatures that must slaughter to survive. All things considered, Yann Martel gives us in this story a vital correlation. Human life and society can be extremely crude, similar to the murder or-be-slaughtered universe of creatures. We have learning and are at any rate in this regard better than creatures, but then we butcher each other and neglect to help those in require.

We resemble creatures, aside from we don’t do these things since we need to. We simply do them. At last, the Japanese reviewer picked the main story. I think I too would pick the principal story, despite the fact that I don’t know why. Maybe it is basically on the grounds that it was longer and more nitty gritty. Maybe it is on account of the other was so frightful. Doubtlessly I simply would prefer not to trust that something like the second story would happen.

I know this reaction was exceptionally expansive and bounced around between various points, yet I believe that a decent reaction to Life of Pi ought to be this way.Lesson-20 My excellent four Portolio 1) Lesson 1 – Graphic organizer of Steve Jobs and Nick Vujicic and the Blog 2) Lesson 12- 3) Lesson 18 – heroic quest chart4) Lesson 19 – reaction journalWHY? I have spent so much time re studying and even watched the video of Steve Jobs and Nick Vujicic speech. I put a number of effort running on it. I truly love the 2 speeches. These two personalities are the role models for each and every person and the delivery of their speech are amazing.

I added the other Three Graphic organizer to my best work because I personally like them and this represents my hardwork.And the closing two are Heroic quest lesson 18 and lesson 19 are also a part of the unit that I simply targeted on.


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