Positive an average adult in the USA between

Positive effects of social media

Social media is an important part of today’s society. Over 1.37 Billion people use Facebook every day, so it has a huge impact on everybody’s life. Researchers have shown that an average adult in the USA between 16 and 35 spend about 2 hours on social media platforms every day. While there have been some negative outcomes from social media such as cyberbullying and other online dangers, social media can be used in ways that promote positive and productive ideas in society. These benefits are greatly outweighing the negative views.
One of the most obvious pros of using social networks is the ability to instantly reach people from anywhere. Use Facebook to stay in touch with your old high school friends who’ve relocated all over the country, get on Google+ with relatives who live halfway around the world, or meet brand new people on LinkedIn from cities or regions you’ve never even heard of before. It was never easier than now.
Communication is faster than ever. Now that we’re connected wherever we go, we don’t have to rely on our cable telephone, answering machines or mailman to contact somebody. We can simply open our laptops or pick up our smartphones and immediately start communicating with anyone on platforms like WhatsApp or one of the many social messaging apps available.
Using social media is a great opportunity for business owners. Business owners and other types of professional organizations can connect with current customers, sell their products and expand their reach using social media. There are lots of entrepreneurs and businesses out there that thrive almost entirely on social networks and wouldn’t even be able to operate without it.
Sharing content is incredibly fast. 15 years ago, if you wanted to share moments of your holiday, the best way was, if you printed out the pictures and at the next family dinner you showed them. Now you can post them, or make a video and can share the most beautiful moments in real time.
Many people arguing that social media can be used for a lot of bad things. You can troll people, fake your identity or disturb people. We have all heard about cases when teenagers try to commit suicide or made themselves hurt because of the pressure they get from the social media. But it is really the fault of Facebook and partners? I think this is completely wrong. Social media and technology is a great tool and only you can decide how to use it. It’s like a knife. You can hurt people with it or cook with it for them. You can use social media to share beautiful stories, funny videos, important information or just a lovely picture. But it gives you the possibility to make bad things. What do you think? Are people the problem or the technology? As L. A. Seneca a Roman Stoic philosopher said “A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand”.
The modern technology, internet, and the social media gave us some incredible possibility. We are the ones who decide it, what we want to do with it. I deeply believe that the majority of the people use this for good and it makes for us a much easier life. As a part of the ‘y’ generation, I think our responsibility is to learn how it works, how to use it safely and how to avoid the dangers. After then we have to teach it for our children and grandparents.

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