Positive sources of materials and services, including

Positive signals should be made to foreign investors when developing Elite Hotels. The hotel creates the necessary business infrastructure and international conferences.In some places, tourists spend $4, some $1 per dollar reaches the dollar.

A high-class hotel creates an average of 1.5-3 jobs and generates a significant portion of tax revenue.Financial markets of the private sector do not want to finance investments in the hotel due to such risk factors as instability in the country, political economy, seasonality, unstable cash flow and rapid investment in investments. This should include IFC and other investors.After successful investments, IFC will receive private investment.IFC Investments Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar• Business: Shangri-La Hotel is a luxury hotel and resort in all corners of the world.• Variety of markets: this is the first hotel and shopping center in Mongolia, which promotes the development of business and tourist infrastructures in Mongolia.

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• IFC financing: a loan of $ 50 million.• Impact of development: the project aims to improve hotel services and create direct and indirect jobs to meet the needs of a five-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar. It will also support SME support, including the construction and operation phase, as well as labor and materials from local sources of materials and services, including the procurement of goods and services. In addition, the Shangri-La hotel in Ulaanbaatar offers a positive signal to foreign investors planning to invest in Mongolia.The project hopes to increase productivity1. Professional level high2.

International degree3. Quality of construction.


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