Practice opportunity to every learner regardless of their

Practice Teaching (EDFS 27), the last course taken by an undergraduate education student enables the student teacher to undergo several months of training under the supervision of a cooperating teacher. During this course of preparation, the student teacher will be able to gain first-hand experiences of the real classroom situation. On the onset of the program, the student teacher has several expectations in mind from the school administration, the cooperating teacher, the students and the training itself.The student teacher expects that the cooperating school provides equal learning opportunity to every learner regardless of their differences and guarantees the security of the students within their care. A school, being a cradle of learning, is expected to provide equitable access to quality learning materials, technologies and resources.

Likewise, the school is also expected to be fully equipped with classrooms, laboratories and resources of learning to offer effective classroom instruction, enable the learners to conduct research activities and guarantee life skills development.Moreover, the school administration as a whole is expected to be accommodating. The principal, together with other faculty members and school staff, is expected to possess ideal traits which every student teacher will aspire to acquire in order to achieve goals for betterment. Taking into account that the principal and department head will supervise and monitor the progress of student teachers in the course of the training by observing how the student teacher conducts classes, he resolves to always be geared up by preparing a daily learning plan and studying the lessons in the learning materials in advance.

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