PREFACE the market , as well as to

PREFACEThis thesis is written based on my 12 weeks of full time internship for the company Mit-Helse located in Aabenraa, Danmark.

And the purpose is to fulfill the requirements in order to finish my 2 years of AP Degree in marketing management.For a business to be succeed it is very important to have a good and effective marketing plan. A business proposal could come to an end or fail because of no importance given to the marketing plan on the otherside , powerful plan could make a business come to a standstill. Hence, many business ideas may not get a chance to come and grow in the market due to a weak marketing plan. So, negligence in this type of field , would lead to failure in delivering the products or service to the customers.With the reason of helping Mit-Helse to have a good and stronger grip than its competitors in the market , as well as to acquire its objective to attract more customers and new target audience.

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I have done analysis of the market and came up with some new recommendations for the company. During the period I worked as an intern in the Mit-Helse company, I would like to convey my appreciation to Margit Hansen , the owner of the company , as she have done every help to make with which I can improve my marketing skills. , helped me with practical knowledge and gave some real life suggestions regarding the health and treatments. Moreover , I would also like to send my sincere thankfulness to Michael Mikkelsen my supervisor, for giving me worthy advices and suggestions which further have helped me to write my thesis in a good way.Last but not the least, my gratitude goes to IBA, for providing me with effective lectures and helpful staff which helped me to gain better knowledge regarding the marketing field and I could use it in my future career as well. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAs an intern working for Mt-Helse –a company which run its web-shop containing natural and organic products. The company does not possess a along history as it was founded in 2014, it is a new company, that provides the customers with natural products made of herbs and other natural things.

Mit-Helse wants to create awareness about the company and get more and new customers, so it is important for the company to come up with its competitive advantages in order to compete with the competitive world and acquire strong position in the market. In todays developing world, the success for the companies lies in the way the company treats its customers and how they are presenting and selling their products.So , for getting all these, I came up with some suggestions and considered the best and cheapest choices for the company Mit-Helse to increase its customers and create awareness among the people. The company should follow a strategy plan, but before going for the strategies, it is crucial to carry out a market research and analysis. Hence, the actions of investing money should be done carefully ,if the company possess a limted nudget and resources. As Mit-Helse is a small local company with small budget , I keep everything in mind and have suggested some effective and cheap ways of marketing and gaining customers. Table of contentsPreface ………………………………………………………….

.Executive summary ……………………………………..Table of contents……………………………………Introduction ………………………………………………….

Problem Proposal ………………………………………Delimitation ………………………………………………….Methodology ……………………………………………………Analysis Section …………………………………………………How is Mit-Helse Market Position ………………….Internal Analysis ………………………………………… Who are the current customers of Mit-Helse ……………External Analysis ………………………………………………………….SWOT Analysis ………………………………………………………………. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats ………..

Marketing Recommendations ………………………………………………….Conclusion ………………………………………Bibliography …………………………… Introduction Mit-Helse was established in 2016 by Margit Hansen in Southern jutland in Aabenraa, it is a small company that runs the Web store with natural products. Mit-Helse have products from Danish producers, which are of high quality. The web shop has a pure dietary supplement that contains essential nutrients, which positively contribute to maintenance and prevention of the body’s harmonious health. The products contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Basically, it focuses on delivering natural and preventive products for the benefits of stronger immune system and for better body balance.In addition to it, the company’s owner Margit Hansen is a professional certificate holder of therapies. She offers reflexology, vibrational kinesiology, massage, etc .

Mit- Helse has wide varieties of products on its web shop, which includes Supplements: for example tang salt, tang grill, turmeric, tea, pesto, oils, nature drogeriet, aurion needed- fruit bar, etcHealing: eye drops, spray, tablets, skin related medicines, for children, digestion, allergies, asthma, etc.Nature: omega oil, apricot oil, almond butter, spaghetti, chia, rice, etc.Baby care : baby oils, bubble bath, shampoo, gift bags, etc.Skin care : skin cream, oils, serums, anti-aging , deodorants , shower gels, etc.So, the company have a lots of partners, from where Mit helse buy the products and further sell to the customers. Naturdrogeriet A/S is the most working with it.

And for further shipment of products companies like DHL, GLS, etc are the co operating partners. Problem ProposalMit-Helse is a small company which run its web shop , selling the organic and natural products. And as it is quite a new company and not known to many people, so I want to create awareness and look for more and new customers and give recommendations to new marketing plans. So , here are some sub questions which need to be taken into consideration :Who are the current customers of Mit- Helse ? (internal analysis )How is the Market position of Mit-Helse ? (external analysis )What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Mit-Helse ?(SWOT analysis ).Who could be the new target group for Mit-Helse ?What are the marketing recommendations for Mit-Helse?What is the budget for all the marketing plans ? Delimitation Methodology Analysis Section As we know Mit-Helse is a company that offers natural products to the customers. And hence there are a lot of competitors in this field, so the company should know its position in the market, so that it would help them to find the right ways to be more stronger. 5.1.

How is the market position of Mit-Helse ?Market Positioning is the way by which the company get to know the ways of what should they do to market its product or service to the customers. Positioning is, how he customers perceive the image of the products or services provided by the company in their mind. With a good market positioning, a business is able to make the customers known about the needs of the products in their mind and further lead to its purchase. In oder to find out what is the market position of Mit-Helse in the Danish market, I carried out an analysis based on the foundation, variety of products, prices of the products customers , competitors and distributors.

Additionally I did an analysis on the people’s ways of thinking in Denmark about the natural products and how organic food is good..Foundation Mit-Helse was is quite a new company. It was founded in 2014. However the company came out from another company named Alternative sundhed Aps. The owner Mragit Hansen , she was working in alternative sundhed and then she separated out her own company and named it Mit-helse. The company focuses on delivering natural and organic products to all types of customers. Foundation of the companies also have some effects on its market position.

And as it is quite new and does not have market its products before , so it is not known to many customers.Variety of products Mit-Helse has a variety of products on its webshop. It does not focus on one , but try to focus on multiproducts on every type of probems and customers.Mit-helse have variety of alternative health products for the following categories.Supplements : All together 28 types of products under this variety. Some of them are – tang torpesto, tang grill, tang salt, quinoa red, quinoa black, nature dregeriet turmeric, agar agar flagger, arame tang, aurion needed- fruit bar, match whip, match ate, dulse lille, tang oil, sugarloaf, alope vera, etc.

Health : There are 48 types of products under this . like – aloe vera juice, guarana aliukser, cartilage lenk, lemon essential oil urtegaarden , d- pearls, eye Q fish oil, fruits and fibres, iron comples, etc.Healing : 34 Types of product lies under this category . like – eye drops, allergic bronon, hoste spray, allergic cuprum, allergic horon, etc.Nature : there are 8 products here . like – nature drogeriet apricot kernel oil , oil of life omega 3-6-9, nu3 gojibaer, chia organic, my protein almond butter, peanut butter, low carb spaghetti,n low carb rice.Baby Care : 14 products falls under this category .

urtegaarden baby, baby oil, Humphrey’s corner natural baby aloe vera bobble bath,shampoo, lotion, powder, gift bag , balsam spray, etc.Skin Care : there are all together 25 products . some of them are – skin cream with milk, face and body oil, body serum,face cream, anti- aging face cream, moisturizer, anti-pollution cream, eye care, shampoo, sun lotion, fuller hair capsules, organic shower gel, etc.Prices of the products The prices of the products are not very expensive. Normally we think that the organic products are of high prices, but Mit-Helse offers the natural products to the customers with affordable and efficient price rates.

It is obvious that if we want something effective we have to pay for that, so the products the company delivers are all natural and alternative to the other medicines. Compititors There are a lot of compititors in this field, and though Mit-Helse is a small local company, it has to face big competion from the companies like Nature Drogeriet,,, nordisk tang, etc. However, being a competitor to Mit – helse, NatureDrogeriet is also a great partner to Mit-helse as it delivers the products to them. Distributors If I talk about the distributors, these are very important to Mit-Helse as it helps the company to further deliver the products to the customers door. The company have two types of distributers ; one are those who are providing the products to MIT-Helse and others deliver the products to the customers doors. Here are the list of distributors who work with Mit-Helse :Pharma Nord, Bioforce, Utregaarden, Allergica, Skaertoft Mølle, Aurion, Brande, Golden Health.

se, Naturdrogeriet, Helsam a/s OK, Nordisk, CBD.Croatia.

com, Hir outlet Aps,, Gustrado Uden Parabener, Sorgenfri. +so all these are the distributors of Mit-helse. Behaviour of Danes towards Natural and organic products Denmark is on its way to become an organic country. People here appreciates the organic food. The Danish government supports and finance the people working and investing in this sector to develop new technologies and ideas. Denmarks population in 2000 was 5,336,394 .

the population is highly urbanized , 85% living in cities. Eight out of 10 Danes are interested in using some of alternative medicines. 67% people says that the national healthcare system should be more open to alternative healing practices, sucha s homeopathy, acupuncture or chiropractice. Most people think alternative therapies can be just as effective as traditional medicines. According to the international report ‘Our organic first place position is a clear signal to the export markets around the world that Danish organic companies are prducing exiciting quality food productsthat are popular with consumers.’ How organic food is good Organic food does not conatin synthetic preservatives, artificial sweatners, colors, flavours and other artificial additivies, growth hormones , antibiotics, hydrogenated oils, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Doctors says , it is possible to replace preservative medicines with natural food. It is also believe that organic and natural ways are a key component to cure illeness and protect the environment.

Organic food contains nutrients which are beneficial , such as, antioxidants. By eating food people with allergies to foods, chemicals or etc often find the symptoms lessen or go away. Moreover the organic food ar more flavourful. Internal analysisBy performing the internal analysis the company get a good sense of its basic competences and also the better upgrades that would help to serve the requirements of its potential customers. In order to have a deep knowledge about its customers, I have found out who are the current customers of Mit-Helse. Current Customers of Mit-HelseThe research for this part is based on the current products the web shop have , in order to get an idea which customers they are targeting.

So mit-helse have a variety of different products on its web shop which means they have wide range of target groups :Old people : old human cells does not rejuvenate. Our red and white blood cells are made by stem cells that themselves come from ‘mother’ stem cells in bone marrow. Bt as we grow old , usually the immune system in the elderly is not prepared to fight infections . in old age the changes occur in every individual cells and in all organs . old cells also can die because they can divide only a limited times.

That is why they need some supplements to make them work properly. Little ones : All vitamins are not produced by the body in very early age ,so it needs to be taken by supplements or diet for growth and development, repair itself, make bones, muscles and skin , strong immune system, for all these to be working properly the babies need to take supplements from natural things.People with allergies : Non-organic food are doused with a long list of pesticides, fumigants and other chemicals that can cause allergies.

The doctors says that it is the tendency of allergies that it can only be cured with natural treatments not with technology or medicines. People with heart diseases : the organic and natural way helps more on fighting the heart diseases . heart is the hardest working muscle in our body, its essential that our heart should get the supply of essential nutrients constantly to do its work . And some important chemicals which are needed for the heart , decreases with age and also with low cholesterol. Studies shows that if we take supplemenst , it can reduces oxidative stress and can increase the enzymes activities. Moreover , some natural products like OMEGA-3 helps to reduce inflammation in the heart . they also lower risks of blocking the arteries and diabeties.

Addition to that it is linked to lowerblood pressure, better blood lipid profiles and reduces risks of death from heart diseases. People with low immune systems : the prime work of immune system is to protect the body against infection and helps to gain resistance to diseases. So, it is very important that the immune system should work in a good and healthy way. The natural products in our webshop helps to enhance the functions of various types of white blood cells, as well as boosts the immune system to fight with virus and cancer properties. Moreover the supplements also helps to increase the ability of our body to produce natural killer cells- and helps to diminishes the deficiencies in our body.

Ordinary people : It is healthier and safer to opt the natural and organic products and supplements , as it does not have any side effects . They have more antioxidants and vitamin properties and free of artificial chemicals. External Analysiswhen it comes to attracting more and new customers, the key is to understand the needs and behavior of the customers and what are their expectations from the company.

So, before we delvelop marketing strategies for Mit-Helse, we need a clear understanding of what elements have their impacts on customers buying behavior and how they make the decision to buy the things. However for this, I have done a market survey by using quantitative research for Mit-Helse. Customers expectations from Mit-HelseSurvey questions :Male or Female / what is your age ?What is your Occupation ?Have you ever used organic or natural products / medicines ?From Where you buy it ?Why you use organic or natural products ? if not why not ?What type of natural food or medicine you use ?Have you heard about Mit-Helse ?What type of products you want to buy ?What platform do you use to see advertisements ?Survey results ……….

.Women : 17 Men :11Age : From 20 – 29 : 3 From 30 – 39 : 6 From 40 – 49 : 3 From 50 – 59 : 1 Over 60 : 4Age : From 20 – 29 : 2 From 30 – 39 : 3 From 40 — 49 : 4 From 50 – 59 : 1 Over 60 : 1Occupation : Hairdresser, high school teacher, study at SDU, nurse, logistic supervisor, babysitter, cleaner, store assistant, waitress, office assistant, social consultant, interpreter, gardener, early retired. Occupation : Driver, worker at warehouse, businessman,professor, photographer, pentionist, salesperson, mechanic, store assistant, supervisor at warehouse.Customers who use natural products : 13 Customers who use natural products : 9From where you buy it : supermarket, online, farms, market in the downtown.

From where you buy it : physical stores, online.Why you use natural products : free of chemicals, eco friendly, good for the healthy body, people live longer, glow on the skin.Why you use organic or natural products : no harmful chemicals, safe for the body, more tasty, environmental friendly, gives healthier body.Why you don not use it : expensive, according to science there is no difference. Why you do not use it : costly then others.What of natural product or medicines you use : fruits and vegetables, diabeties, supplements, bread flour, skin products, viatmins. What type of natural products or medicines you use : supplemnets, vitamins, medicine for heart problem.Have you heard about Mit-Helse : yes – 4 .

no – 13 Have you heard about Mit-Helse : yes – 2, no – 9What type of product you want to buy : products for kitchen, medicine for back pain, skin care products, cleaning products, What type of products you want to buy : eye care product , eating products like snacks, products for health problems like – cold, fever, etc. Platform use to read advertisements :Newspaper , online facebook , youtube. Television, radio, Platform use to read advertisements :Newpaper, social medias, television, magazines.In todays globalized world, there is too much of competition and expectations, and customer surveys are the best way in order to know what are the growing needs of the customers from the business and for developing the strategies for improvement. From the survey the company can get an idea what are the customers feedbacks from products and services to the buying process.It is essential that the customers are informed that their opinion matters a lot to the company in order to instigate the change within the company. For knowing what exactly the customers want I did a survey by using quantitative research . the people were asked some questions regarding the relevant theme and then the analysis about the results of all the questions are explained below :Gender and ages : female or male ?/ age ?These are the gernal informations which we can found in almost every surveys,, it is really important for the company in order to define its target group .

my survey was answered by all together 28 people out of which 17 were females and 11 were males of different ages. There were divided under groups like – from 20-29, from 30-39, from 40-49, from 50-59 and over 60. the group which falls between the age group 30-39 seems to be more interested in using the natural products. They told me that they are very much concerned about their health and body as they have seen a lot of people in young ages dying with diseases. The females are the one who buy the sruffs for their house and are responsible for the health of their family. Occupation :¨To know the status of a person, occupation is really necessary and it gives us an ideas what is the income level of your customers. So that it would help the company to build a strategic plan according to it.

Now, as we can see in the survey, the people who have answered the questions are all working, some of them are student, nurse, assistant, hairdresser., office worker, pentionist, social worker, supervisors, businessman, slaes person, driver, cleaner, etc. when I asked the survey questions to the people above , the people who were working in some kind of offices were more interested in these type of products because they wants to keep their body and health fit along with their mind in order to perform their day to day work.

Besides, they also have good income level to the natural products provided by our company Mit-Helse.Customers who use natural products : this was the main part of the survey to know wheather they use the natural and organic products or not, and the results I got was like 13 females out of 17 and 9 males out of 11 said they use some kind of natural products on their daily basis. And it was a positive point for the company. From where the people prefer to buy the natural products : Here under this part, most answers I got was , the people prefer to shop the natural products from supermarket as well as online, because they can see the products and hence trust it, or with the reference from their friends and relatives. Some also like to buy from the farms itself like the fruits and vegetables additional the market in the downtowns with vans all over are also preferred by the people.Why do you use the natural products :When I asked this questions to the people , the answers I got were really interesting.

Normally people use the organic and natural products because they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. The organic products are tasteir than non-organic, Apart from this they said like it because they are safe for the body and keeps the body healthier . womens answered as they are beauty conscious they use the products to keep their skin glowing and healthy, and people can live a long life by the usage of natural things. Moreover the products are good for humans as well as for the earth too as the natural organic things are ecofriendly for the environment.Why you do not use the natural products :There are some people among us who do not want to use the natural and organic products, and the reasons behind this is that they are much expensive then the normal products, ans according to the science they said there is no difference between them, when I talked to the farmer he gave a reasons that the organic products needs more land for the production but the yields are lower.

What type of products do you use .While answereing this question the people named variety of products but the most used were the vegetables and fruits and the things used for cooking in kitchen. Then , supplements were also used by many people in oder to be fit and healthy and medicines too for preventing or curing the diseases. As women care more for their body they use the skin care products.

Have you heard about the company Mit-Helse :For this question , mostly I got the negative response from the people though 4 out of 17 females and 2 out of 11 males said they have heard about the company.What type of natural products you want to buy from the companies :This was a question which I was hoping to get good answers because it would be the key to my analysis. And most people said they want to buy the products for health care and the products used for cooking as it is also linked to the healthier life. Some said they would love to buy cleaning products, snacks for children, skin care products , etc.Which platform you use to read advertisements :It was an important question for us because it would help us to advertise our company on the most preferable media or platform. And most people trust the products shown on television or if they hear from their friends. Then comes the social media like advertisements shown on facebook, youtube .

and then its radio.After performing the external and internal analysis I came to an decision, that the perfect new potential target group for the company would be the males and females who are working in offices between the age group of 30-39 years . I choose them because it really match the concept of the company.

The people are sitting in the offices and working for long hours every day, which automatically is affecting their health and the way of living. They are getting stressed and pressure of their work, and find ít hard to have work – family balance. Additionally the company Mit-Helse is preparing a new concept for the office workers , they want to start a package system for the offices, so that the offices can provide their employees with a time of relaxation and freshen up their mind to get the work done in a better way and make the atmosphere in the office fresh and cool. For this, the company wants to come up with a package which would include mediatation class and some yoga excercises. Moreover the company wants to expand the qualities that the owner Margit Hansen possess, they offers massage, reflexology, cinelogy and some other healing treatments. So, I thing the whole new concept would match up with the new target group.

Extra things:Mediattion, refkexology, etcBasically for Mit-Helse to be successful in future, it is necessary that all the elements of Marketing Mix should be finely tuned , to support and give strength to the brand personality. Marketing Mix is a combination of factors that can be controlled by a company to influence customers to purchase its products. Product : Mit-Helse provides different variety of products on its webshop , such as : Supplements : All together 28 types of products under this variety. Some of them are – tang torpesto, tang grill, tang salt, quinoa red, quinoa black, etc.Health : There are 48 types of products under this . like – aloe vera juice, guarana aliukser, cartilage lenk, etc.

Healing : 34 Types of product lies under this category . like – eye drops, allergic bronon, etc.Nature : there are 8 products here . like – nature drogeriet apricot kernel oil , oil of life omega 3-6-9, etc . Baby Care : 14 products falls under this category .

urtegaarden baby, baby oil, ,shampoo, etc.Skin Care : there are all together 25 products . some of them are – skin cream with milk, face and body oil, body serum,face cream, anti- aging face cream, etc.Price :The price of Mit-Helse products are normal or same as their competitors.Price should be 10 or 15 % lower to that of the competitions, it should establish a market penetration strategy in order to make itself strong in the market. Place :Mit-Helse only sell its products online through webshop. Its has only one small office in Aabenraa , Denmark.It should introduce its products to a small physical store , may be within the office .

Promotion :Currently MIt-Helse doesnot do any effort to advertise its products.It should introduce some package for old and new customers.Free yoga and meditation classes.

Word of mouth palys a vital role.Invest in television or radio commercials.Should do partnership with other groups to increase visibility of products.

SWOT ANALYSIS Mit-Helse is a company that delivers the organic and natural products to the customers to have good health and lifestyle. By SWOT analysis, I want to analyze the internal and external situation of Mit-Helse. So that we can find out what the company can improve and ignore , to get more customers as well as find the good ways of doing marketing. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Mit-Helse .StrengthsHave big networks and corporations with many associations and organisations.The products are the needs of the people.

Owner of the company is Certified and qualified in Health related treatments. WeaknessesWebsite is not designed in a good way that can attract more customers.Less marketing knowledgeLack of employees.OpportunitiesFocus on the healthy lifestyle.Add some preventive products.Can provide good offers and packages to the new and old customersCan extend knowledge in other health related fields.Can sell products through physical stores. ThreatsIdea can easily be copiedMany competitorsLack of finance.

Lack of selling strategiesMit-Helse’s future success is now all depended on how capable Is the company to Use its strengths to conquer the weaknesses and threats, and to utilize the opportunities. The SWOT analysis depicts the most important issues that Mit-Helse must address. It highlights the vital strengths that the company can use to enhance its position among the competition in the market and also improve the financial situation. Additionally the weaknesses and threats should be considered by using the innovative strategies.

The opportunities should also be identified that creates the strategic direction for the company.Strengths :The SWOT analysis for Mit-Helse helps to identify the important strengths that allows the company to tolerate the threats in its business environment. The strengths of Mit-Hesle are as follows :Mit-Helse have bery large networks and corporations with a lot of other companies, associations and organisations. The partners and distributors with whom Mit-Helse is working are big companies, like : naturedrogeriet, GLA, DAO, etc. the company also corporates with many colleges and universities such as : SDU in Odense and Kolding as well, IBA Kolding, Aarhus universities, etc. moreover as Margit Hansen is also related with other health related oraganisations so she have links with many doctors and professors and writers. The products that are provided by the company Mit-Helse , are the natural and organic products, which is the growing need of the population.

And most importantly Denmark is very much moving towards the use of more and more organic and natural products. So , it is good for the company to focus on the sales and marketing so that more people are attracted and would lead to an increase In sales.The owner of the company Mit-Helse , Margit Hansen, is certified and experienced in Health related treatments.

So she is expert in all the medicines and knows what is good or bad.Weaknesses :In this section of SWOT analysis, the focus is on the weaknesses or the deficiencies of the company . The weaknesses , for a company can act as barriers in the growth of the business. So the weaknesses for Mit-Helse are as follows : As Mit-Helse is a company that sells its products on its webshop , so it should first look up to its website. The design of the website of is not well designed, it is not an attractive one.

So , it should be re-designed by an expert so that it can have an effective attractive look and easy for the readers to navigate and operate. Mit-helse Is a small company with one employee , and the owner Margit-Hansen , she is only expert in the health related stream, she doesnot have any knowledge about the marketing , so she put some efforts to market her business , because marketing is very necessary in order to sell the products and services.As the company lacks employees, the whole load is on one person, so if there is every person allotted for every work and responsibilities , the company would work in a better way.

Opportunities :This feature of Mit-Helse’s SWOT analysis points out the most important opportunities that company can carry out to get success. The opportunities in the business environment of mit-Helse are as follows :Mit-Helse sells the natural and organic products for the people, and it should try to be more focused on its business and try to make extension in the fields of some other health related treatments as the demand for the healthy lifestyles are increasing day by day specially in Denmark.Company should try to add some products that can reduce the risks of the diseases before it harms the people. This can lead to catch the interest of more customers.Mit-Hesle, should try to give some offers or packages for its old and new customers, in order to create relationship with them, the company can arrange free meditation classes or can give free magazines with the products, etc.The company can extend its knowledge in other health related fields, by doing this it can reach out to more customers with variety of diseases, and can attract more people.So, The opportunities can help the company to improve its selling strategies.

And by focusing on these opportunities Mit-Helse can reach to more customers in the market. Further, it also have the opportunity to diversify its products as per the needs of the people.Threats : The threats for the company allow them to know the risks from various sources, like competitors . threats can bound or lower the financial performance of the company. and here in this case, the threats are as follows :The concept of the company can be easily copied by others, which can create a confusion between the products of the company and the others.Mit-Helse has a lot of competitors. There are many small and big companies in Denmark that sells the natural and organic products. This would lead to fall in sales and hence would reduce the chance to sell its products.

The financial situation of the company is not good, it does not want to spend mone in marketing , advertising , printing, etc. which would have a negative impact on creating the awareness regarding the company among the people. And would automatically make the quality of the products less demandable. The company also lacks selling strategies, which would lead to decrease in sales, and could put the company under negative and stressful situation.

Marketing RecommendationsA marketing strategy is very important for a business to be successful in the market. Without which the company has to struggle to attract the customers. The motive of marketing strategy is to make sure that the products and services provided by the company meet the customers need and expectations. And finally to reach out there the company needs to have a perfect and adjustable strategy that can accept and adapt to the changes in customers perceptions and demand.

It may open up the doors to the whole new target audience where the company could be more successful. However it is the tendency of the customers to form relationship with the brand, and marketing is the tool to do that. Marketing is necessary because it sells the products and services. The base of any business is to make money, and marketing is an important path to reach out to the goal.For Mit-Helse, if the company wants to attract more and new customers, in order to increase its sale and starts to gain profit, the company needs to adapt some effective and attractive marketing strategies, so that it would match its target audience. Based on the internal and external market analysis I did, and Swot analysis In todays world, promotion through social media is very very important for a company to be successful.

Because posts on social media can be used to drive targeted traffic, and by using social media for promotion the business can increase its site’s SEO . Hence, Mit-Helse can do prormtion for its products and services through these social media platforms :Facebook : A social networking site like facebook can be used to post photographs and vedios, have conversations with customers, promote special offers and more. Readers can read and can give feedbacks and comment on the posts. They can also share the posts to their friends facebook page , so like this they can spread the messages to many people in a a short time.

Fcebook is most use by people in Denmark nowadays. Accoridng to the statistics in (2017), 3.5million Danish people are using facebook . This means there are high chances for the company to reach their target group through facebook . moreover, all the up to date informations about the company should also be uploaded on the facebook, so that the customers could follow the activities .

besides the company can use facebook live vedios to share information directly and fastly to the customers.Twitter : it is also known as micro-blogging service. Business use twitter to send short messages to their targered audience , by using this products can be promoted, conversation with customers, monitor feedbacks and provide customer service is also possible. Twitter allows to create messages (tweets) upto 140 characters and these are received by the people who have subscribed to receive updates from your account.

The business with dynamic products or services such as new items, new information , special offers or packages can use it in effective way for promotion.Youtube : Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google. People use this to discover vedios relating to their desired topics.

To do promotion through youtube the company should make high quality vedio that story about the business and upload to the youtube page . the other way of promotion through Youtube is making an advertisement vedio and post it so that it would flash by itself when the customers are watching any other vedios. Linked In : Mit-Helse should also start to operate the the linked In .. As because for the new selected target group , office workers. This social media platform would be effective. It is also known as professional networking site, so it may help to getin touch with more customers among the target audience.Blog : blog writing is very effective piece.

For blog the headlines should be very attractive and eyecatching so that it would catch the attention of the customers at once.Moreover , the blog URL should be written to the business cards.Use blog links on social media profiles.Share the blog posts on social medias , whenever it is published .Elevator pitch : elevator pitch is a quick and well attractive piece of speech made to sell a product or service, in a very short time frame.

It should be designed in such a away that it describes the solution for the needs of the customers, but should not explain everything about the product. It should be such compelling that the person to whom we are telling wants to hear more even after the speech.Elevator pitch should be between 30-60 seconds.Should define who u are ?What you do ?Whats unique in you ?Leaflets for the public places : leaflets are the way for advertising the product, it is one of the attractive and old way of doing promotion, asLeaflets are tangible it does not allow the person to go move or go somewhere, but a person can hold it in hand can read it while walking in his busy schedule.Affordable , they are affordable to produce ,as compared to other expensive printed marketing solution.

It can increase awareness and recall the service and company’s name. It is also a good way of targeting market. It can be put on the places where the target audience visits often.Website : As Mit-helse runs its business through a web-shop, and its current website looks so boring and the design is also not attractive , therefore it is necessary for the company to redesign its website because it is very important to have an effective website that can promote and advertise the company’s concept. The new ideas for redesigning the website could be as follows :There should be some short vedios with content marketing added to the website in order to give more and deep information to the customers.

And the vedios could be updated time to time, may be every two months, so the readers have some new experience. To make it eaiser for the readers to navigate the company’s website little changes in the structure of the website could also make an improvement. For instance : the important headlines and information should be on the top of the website so that it attracts the direct attention of the customers when they are visiting the website. Their should be more pictures to make it more interesting. And should be little bit colourful with a simple and relaxing touch which represents the concept of the company.Radio or television : The owner of MiT-Helse, can become a guest in local television or radio , because it is the fastest and productive way to reach out to the customers, because almost every one watch television and listen to radios while they are driving . Running event : Running is a sport where there is no boundaries and language barriers.

Running could be a avery good idea, as it is also linked to the idea of the company to make the lifestyle healthier. Running can help to make good circulation in the body, strong the muscles, makes the heart healthy, prevents from many health problems like, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers. Obesity, etc. additionally, running makes the mantal and emotional conditional happy and helps to live a fit life.As Mit-Helse is a company , that sells the natural and organic products through its webshop in order to help people live heaæthy lifestyle.

I would recommend the company to hold a running event for the customers , because through this , the company could make its customers and other people known , regarding the importance of health. Besides, it is a great way for the company to create awareness among the people about its webshop. So for organizing a running event, the detailed plan is suggested below :Place : Aabenraa – south jutland(Denmark ) . for the running event I choose Aabenraa because as the company is not a big company and not known to many people, so I think it should start its way to create awareness from the city where its is, and then later on it may extend. Moreover, there are many small companies in Aabenraa city.

And many companies normally organize events in Aabenraa, so people are known to it. So, if the company would make an event there would be a high possibility to attract more new customers. Date and time : This running event would take place in the end of July this year, because until then the company would have enough time to make arrangements and in this time period the weather will be very good. So, more people would participate in it.Program of the day : The event would start from 8 in the morning .

and the schedule would look like this ; 08.00 the participants will get their numbers. Participants will also get T-shirts at the same time with a logo of the company on it. Which would help the company to be known among the people.

At the same time the baggage , wallets , keys, phone and other stuffs would be collected by the supervisors. And the supervisors will be there through out the race to guide the particpants.10.00 the race will start .

12.00 the runners will finish the race.Route : For the running the route I chose is a 5km , because this route is not a hard task for anyone, and it will match with all the people of different age groups. But before the race event, there will be a route map shown to all the participant so that they know where to proceed.

Besides, there will be arrow signs on the route as well. Price : 110 dkk for one participant which will include one T-shirt with the logo from the company, a bottle of water, some fruits and small gifts from the sponsers. After finishing the race the participants would get all this .

however, the participant who will be announced as a winner will get the medal. Participants who want to participate can write to Margit Hansen on her email [email protected] or can contact her at 23603481And the payments can be done through all these mode :Rules for participation :The participants who wants to participate in the running event must be over 18 years of age. They must wear the company’s t-shirt during the race and the starting numbers as well visible on the chest.

The time to complete race is 2 hours maximum. Bicycle accompanying the participant are not allowed. The road traffic rules must be followed. Orders from the supervisors while the event must be followed.Sponsors for the running event : for organizing an event the company to be supported by some sponsers. So the company can find sponsors partners such as Sydbank, business aabenraa,, yousee, etc.Some important things the company should follow while preparing for an event.

Setting up the route direction : The company should put route directions starting from the start line to the finish line. And these could be some boards having arrow signs on them indicating the route for the running, and it can be placed every 300 meters apart. Printing some billboards or posters : these billboards or posters would be hanged , on some main streets in aabenraa, before one month of the event, so the people would know about the event in advance.

It can be ordered at tekstil.tryk.dkt-shirts for participants : the t-shirts for participants will be light green incolour, because green colour is the indicator for the good health. And the logo on it will be a dark green in colour.

It could be ordered at nemprint.dkMedals : the participants who will reach the bottom line will get a medal from the company as a award, with logo of the company’s name on it. Medals could be ordered at Jydsk Emblem Fabrik A/S, website: jef.dkContacting with authorities in aabenraa : before oragnising the running event the company should fulfill some legal requirements. And for that the company should contact with aabenraa commune and police in order to get the permission for holding a running in the city. After the approval they will guide the company with the instructions for the further requirements. Moreover the company should make an arrangement with the parking places, ambulance, home guard polic, etc.

Contacting local companies : it is also important to have the arrangements for tents, start and finishing lines, chairs, and some other stuffs, for which the company needs to contact event companies in the local area. All these could be ordered at Impactgroup.dkWater and food supplier company : the company also need to contact big suppliers for food and water bottles, that will be distributed on the day of event. Water could be ordered at, Logovand and fruits could be ordered at Frugt.

dkMarketing budget for the suggested marketing plan :So, here below is the marketing budget for the company.The website should be updated at regular intervals with new informations. And the vedios should also be made and posted on youtube and facebook page at every month , as well as if any special event takes place. Facebook is free of cost , so the informations regarding different health products on the webshop and its usefulness, articles, etc should be posted .

so, youtube, facebook and linkedin is free to use. And the company can get a lot of advantage with the use of these three social media platforms.For redesigning the website the price will be 8.625 dkk including the taxes nad it could be ordered at For the running event, the budget plan would look like :I supposed there would be 500 people to participate in this running.Things needed to pay for running. Amount Prices -DKKT-shirts 500 pieces 17,750 dkkMedals 500 medals 12,230dkkWater bottles 600 bottles 2,880 dkkFruits 600 fruits 6,800 dkkBillboards and posters for sign 20 pieces small size 1100 dkkRace numbers 500 numbers 1200 dkkOther facilities: toilets, tents, chairs, etc.

30,000 dkkOther expenses like cleaning, paperwork, etc. 5000 dkkTotal price to pay for organizing a running event would be 76,960dkkNow, if we have 500 participants, and they are paying 110 dkk for participation , and the total amount the company is getting will be 55,220dkk . hence the company company has to pay after deducting 55,220 dkk will be 21,740 dkk in total. So after the doing internal and external analysis for Mit-Helse, I suggested some marketing plans with the budgeting. And the final budgeting chart would look like this :Marketing recommendations.

Prices – dkk Facebook XTwitter XYoutubeXLinked In XBlog XElivator pitch XLeaflets for public …………………………..Redesigning the website 8,625 dkkLocal Radio guest XLocal Television guest XRunning event 21,740 dkkTotal ConclusionProposal solutions


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