Presentation the Amanzinyama river does the same

Presentation of findings:The data that is collected from each site are placed into a table and graphs to show the results of the findings. The tables and graphs are used for people to see the results and used as proof to prove if the hypothesis is right or wrong. Water Clarity TestWater Clarity is clearer in the Siyaya River, we can see this because it is 19%. This shows that there are less sediments seeping into the river from human activities near to the river. The worst clarity on the graph is in the Amanzinyama River, which is 57%.

This is probably due to the Tronox mine nearby, this shows that their sediment waste is seeping into the river and disturbing its clarity. Salinity TestIf we look at the graph, the salt content of the river is bad along the Siyaya being 4,85% and the Amanzinyama being 4,79%. The Siyaya has a moderately worst salt content than the Amanzinyama, this is seen in the graph as it is 0.06% higher than the Amanzinyama river. This may be because of the sugarcane plantation nearby. The sugarcane plantation uses pesticides that seep into the river and effect the salinity of the water. The Tronox mine near the Amanzinyama river does the same by affecting the river with its salt content from the seepage of waste sediments.

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This is why they have a higher salinity percentage than the confluence which is 4,41% this probably because the reeds in the confluence filtrate the chemical out. PH Test


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