President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as president while the country was still suffering from the stock market crash and depression, and the country’s population looked to the next president for help. Roosevelt’s inaugural address promised that America would persevere through these hard times, and he had a plan to do so with the New Deal, which was his programs and policies of relief to lift the Americans out of the Great Depression. Roosevelt had excessive pressure on him due to the failing economy, but he told the citizens not to be afraid and reminds the nation that they all need to work together to be able to overcome these harsh times.
Roosevelt goes on to address that material things were the most common difficulty that the country was facing. He emphasizes that the most dangerous problem is the amount of unemployed citizens. He then reminds the people that even though times are hard, there is still much to be thankful for, and the future is still bright. He argues that happiness does not rely on how much money you have, but in joy of achievement and creativeness. When saying this, he gives a deeper message to his speech: the country can succeed again as long as the citizens believe in the plan.


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