Prevalence and Risk Factors for

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in Older Adults With and Without Isolated Systolic Hypertension Barbara L. Naydeck, MPH, Kim Sutton-Tyrrell, DrPH, Kathleen D. Schiller, RVT, RDMS, RTR, Anne B.

Newman, MD, MPH, and Lewis H. Kuller, MD, DrPHAn association between abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and atherosclerotic disease has been recognized and may be due to shared risk factors. A consistent relation between blood pressure and AAA has not been found.

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AAA was compared between those with and without isolated systolic hypertension (ISH) and prevalence of aortic atherosclerosis was evaluated. Abdominalaorticultrasoundwasperformedin266people,143 withISHand123age-similarcontrols.AAAwasde?ned as an infrarenal aortic diameter of >3.0 cm or an infrarenal-to-suprarenaldiameterratioof >1.2.

Theaverage age of participants was 73 years. Overall prevalence of AAA was 9.4%, 11.9% in those with ISH and 6.

5% among normotensives (p 5 0.134). Multivariate analysis revealed male gender (p


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