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Pricing StrategyPRICING*  Dove has adoptedff the competitivefff based pricing.* It has a large number of variants in the product type and fffall its variantsfff are priced around a similar range.* Considering from the huge market fffshare of HUL it canfff be identified that Dove from has based its pricing with the objective of attaining Maximum Market Share, but fffnot through Market penetrationfff strategy. * It also fff the high value strategy as it aims for at positionfff itself as a premium brand.

* It also exhibitedff the Maximum marketfff skimming objective.The demand curve:* Initially the targetff customers which includedff the upper class and they still did not fff it worthy to spend so much and buy a ffsoap. They then lowered the price to attractfff the upper middle class sector as well and were ff in their missionAnalyzing competitors costs prices and offers.* The soap was priced at fffa slightly higher price ffffthan most of its competitors * However they fffmanaged to pull off with the sales ffffwith the added value of providingffff the consumers the combined benefitsffff of a soap and a moisturizerffff which most other soapsfffff did not.Pricing method* The pricing fffffof dove soap followedfff a perceived value fffpricing satisfying the fffconsumers with image, performancefff and softer attributes ffffsuch as trustworthinessfff and esteem.Final pricing * Dove is a brand ffffwith average relative quality but becausefff of their high expenditureffff on advertising and the ‘Real Beautyffff campaign’ campaign allowedffffff them to charge a premiumfff price.

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