Pride story. I was a little disappointed at

Pride and Prejudice:I started the book thinking (and hoping) it was a romantic love story. I was a little disappointed at first, because the story felt quite slow till about halfway through, and there was little love and romance. I am new to novels, (this is my first novel), and I initially felt I made a poor choice by choosing this one.The story was written about 200 years back (literally!). The English is a little archaic, and the really long sentences make it a little harder to understand. Sometimes, I felt like I should just quit the book, and start reading something else.

But I didn’t want to risk losing valuable gems of wisdom, that the book might contain, which I hadn’t come across yet. I am really happy I endured till the end, because I did find some really nice lessons.The book takes us on a journey along with the main character, as she deals with love, feelings, misunderstandings, relationships, people, and problems, both inside the family, and out. A lot of the stuff that she goes through, is very similar to what we experience in our daily lives. There is a lot to learn about how we should do certain things, and how we should not do certain things.Sometimes, we tend to overthink, overreact, or unnecessarily worry about certain situations and circumstances. Doing so, we only tire ourselves out even more.

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We need to understand that not controlling our emotions can directly send our happiness down the drain.Pride goes before a fall, they say. We should learn to control our pride before it trips us into a pit. No matter how good we might be at something, there is always room for improvement. We need to stay humble and focus on bettering ourselvesWe have all been wronged by someone or the other. But, no one except them really knows their circumstances.

Don’t we do things that we don’t mean to, and end up hurting others? I know I have.We could try to put ourselves in the shoes of those who might have wronged us in the past, and try to understand their circumstances. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Let’s not make it harder for each other.We might think that if we are of higher authority, or have more experience than someone else, we can get away with being unfair and disrespectful to others. Higher authority or more experience gives no one a licence to disrespect others.

And, when someone else conveys their thoughts in a firm manner, we might think of them as being disrespectful. We need to look at things as they are, and should not let our power cloud our judgements.No one can be trusted. Let people know just what they need to know. It is much better to keep secrets to ourselves, rather than trusting someone and then regretting doing so.Words can destroy people.

We, like Elizabeth, may not realize how much damage our words are capable of causing. Yes, sometimes we get angry; and sometimes, very angry. And we just might let our mouths work faster than our brains. A moment of thinking could save a person from much heartache, and will also save us from the guilt of hurting someone unwillingly.The past is full of experiences, positive and negative. We could sit down and keep thinking of the negative experiences and depressing ourselves, or we can learn what we can from them and use the positive experiences to fuel our happiness and prepare for a better future.Some lessons in life are hard and painful.

But, those are the experiences that make us stronger and better. Without the bad experiences, we cannot become better versions of ourselves. Bad experiences are what give birth to good qualities, and teach us to become better humans


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