Prince and six American music awards and Prince

Prince NelsonPrince Roger Nelson most commonly known as Prince was an remarkable acompliting musician.

Prince was very musically inclined and he played a number of instruments such as guitar, keyboard, and the drums. Prince was also known for singing many particular genres of music for he sang rock, funk, pop, soul and R&B. In his lifetime he sold more than 100 million singles. He’s gotten eight Grammys and six American music awards and Prince even got to perform one of his most popular songs called purple rain at the Super Bowl.Prince was born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and raised by his mother Mattie Della and John Nelson. Prince came from a very musically gifted household. His mother Mattie was a talented jazz singer while his father john was a intelligent pianist and songwriter.

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Prince was named after his father’s stage name which was Prince Rogers, although Prince wasnt a fan of his name while he was younger it later grew on him. At the age of 7 prince wrote his first song on his father’s piano called “the funk monster”. Prince attended Central High School in minneapolis, where he played football, basketball, and baseball. He played on the junior varsity basketball team as continued to play basketball as an adult. Prince was also attending the Minnesota Dance Theatre through the Urban Arts Program of Minneapolis Public Schools.

In 1976, Prince made a few demo songs with producer Chris Moon, at Moon’s studio in Minneapolis. Prince was unable to get signed by a record producer until, Moon brought the songs to Owen Husney, who signed Prince, age 17, to a contract, and helped him create a demo. The demo recording made several record companies intrested including Warner Bros. Records, A&M Records, and Columbia Records.


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