Principles of FTIR SpectrophotometryFTIR relies

Principles of FTIR SpectrophotometryFTIR relies on the fact that the most molecules absorb light in the infra-red region of the electromagnetic spectrum. This absorption corresponds specifically to the bonds present in the molecule. The frequency range are measured as wave numbers typically over the range 4000 – 600 cm-1.The background emission spectrum of the IR source is first recorded, followed by the emission spectrum of the IR source with the sample in place.

The ratio of the sample spectrum to the background spectrum is directly related to the sample’s absorption spectrum. The resultant absorption spectrum from the bond natural vibration frequencies indicates the presence of various chemical bonds and functional groups present in the sample. FTIR is particularly useful for identification of organic molecular groups and compounds due to the range of functional groups, side chains and cross-links involved, all of which will have characteristic vibrational frequencies in the infra-red range.

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