Privacy importance in today’s technologically-advancing world. The rapid

Privacy and security of health information are utmost importance in today’s technologically-advancing world. The rapid growth of electronic health records usage along with the use of smartphones, tablets and patient portals are changing how we look at our healthcare. The laws and regulations that protect our information also have to be change. These new technological advancements bring great challenges as well. Technologies like Remote Patient Monitoring uses to forecast the future of the healthcare systems with the help of connected heart monitors, implanted sensors, and wearables.

And these technologies are designed to simplify and transform the way patients currently approach, access, and receive care. And the concept calls Data Liquidity: means the patients’ data flowing over the cloud, from the cloud provider to clinician and again back to the patient. However, protecting this patients’ data is one of the main challenges. Because data generating and transferred to the desired destination is a long journey, data recorded on wearable devices and implanted sensors which is highly personalize data these data firstly go through the secure home networks from devices to applications over the internet.Nature of the Data: Nature of the data itself is another challenge because the personal nature of the information along with the long shelf life, makes health records highly important to the hackers.

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Because it consists of patients’ medical historical data, policy numbers, billing information and etc. On the other hand, this information is permanent therefore hackers can sell it on the black market.


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