Probably everyone in life has ever heard

Probably everyone in life has ever heard or even seen such a phenomenon as a solar eclipse. And did you ask yourself the question, where does it come from, what are the reasons for its occurrence, in general, what is this phenomenon of nature?The first such phenomena were noticed by mankind in the very antiquity. Previously, people at the sight of a solar eclipse were lost and felt a wild terror before this mysterious phenomenon. As a rule, among ordinary people there was an opinion that at that moment some terrible dragon was trying to destroy the sun and it must be protected. Since the solar eclipse does not last long, the plan of local residents has always worked. They armed themselves with military weapons and went to the “war”, after the streets became brighter, people returned to their homes calm and contented that they drove away the evil spirits and saved the sun.

It is also known that the first ever eclipse in history was during the reign of Chung-Kang, the fourth emperor of the Hen dynasty. It is to this period that a recording is recorded in one of the books of ancient China – “Shujin” (“The Book of History”). The date of the solar eclipse was established only in the nineteenth century – October 22, 2137 BC. e.

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We all know the only living planet is Earth which like any other planet revolves around the Sun. And like any other planet, it also has its own satellite which is the Moon. The relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon yields into the two phenomenons of nature, Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse. Before we proceed any further, you should understand that what is eclipse? An eclipse is the shadowing of any celestial body due to any other celestial body. It is a temporary obscuration which occurs due to constant movement of astronomical bodies. The rotation of Earth around Sun and the rotation of moon around the Earth are two processes which occur simultaneously. When the Sun, Moon and the Earth fall on the same line, the eclipse begins.Let’s talk about Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar eclipse occur when the moon during its rotation falls back on the Earth, which makes Earth in between the Sun and the moon. Due to large size of Earth with comparison to Moon, it veils the moon completely by its shadow enters the cone of the shadow cast by the earth. The visible paths of the moon and the Sun in the sky intersect at two opposite points, called nodes of the lunar orbit. Only when the new moon occurs near the node, it is accompanied by the Eclipse of the Sun. Such coincidences occur infrequently and irregularly. On average, a solar Eclipse happens 2 times a yearThe appearance of a solar Eclipse is because when the Moon Earth and Sun line up, and there is a new moon. This astronomical phenomenon is happening far not under every new moon.

Depending on how the Moon covers the Sun, emit a full or a partial Eclipse.


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