Problem something new. With the imminent opportunities ahead

Problem RecognitionWith the move from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, for the purpose of work as well as pursuing my dreams and goals as well as the new environment and being a part of something new. With the imminent opportunities ahead of me. The rented apartment I plan to live in will have to be something small but not too congested and factor along my financial affordability to own a house one day, concluded that I would need something in a good neighbourhood, close to work and where I no longer have to spend hours in traffic. Information Search 1.

Search for a good neighbourhood – the criteria included towns close to the office, however in the vicinity and central to other areas to accommodate my travelling for meetings. Additional searches included opinions from friends and relatives (personal) as well as online searching (commercial). 2. Having finalised a few towns, other search criteria’s included the size of the house as well as the condition of the house and age, and budget in specific towns.

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The sources of information included real estate websites such as property 24, leading to different estate agents, selected because of good reviews as well as constant independent searches. Having failed to find something to meet my above needs, I started looking for an additional option 3. This option included constructing a house in a selected locality through a building contractor, The contractor was again finalised on the basis of online reviews regarding contractors quality of construction and fairness in dealings. The contractor suggested a few sites of consideration. One of them was selected (decision stage on the basis of location) 4. Next stage was selection of type and design of the house based on the availability of funds.

For these funds I approached different banks for pre-approval, according to my needs. Having decided the budger for the house the contractors proposals for a few designs and facilities in the proposed house were examined. Evaluation of alternatives.


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