Problem can be allowed? Do parents has a

Problem solution How do parents decide at what age their teens should be allowed to date? Should the dating age differ depending on the child? Do dating early can be allowed? Do parents has a right to predict the age of their teens when to date? Are you on favor on having a relationship on a young age? We nowadays allowed dating early at a young age. But how can we manage our relationship and school so which are important? It’s not a big deal for as now that our teens are dating at their young age. But what do parents say or react about that issue? Are they on favor with it? Base on my research some are on favored having an early relationship on their teens. But the things are they must keep on touch on what their teens are doing that they may need to balance everything especially if they’re so attached with the relationship.

Parents must keep on reminding what limits they need to follow like limits on the phone, internet, landline and going out with the partner. Nowadays having an early relationship is normal and not having a relationship at the age of 15 up is boring and abnormal. Do you agree on this statement and predict the teen when will they be in a proper relationship? Having a relationship at a young age is not a bad thing as long as you know your limitation but always remember that having a relationship need a consultation on the parents to always keep on touch on them so that you won’t cross on the other path. Parents are always there for you and ready to hear everything about you. So don’t be shy and keep on touch with your parents. One of the biggest influence for having an early relationship are friends because they are the one who keep on pushing you to that situation.

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You must choice a friend that is good for you cause as I’ve said friends are the one of the biggest influence in life. Most of the time friends are their having a good and bad advice choice a friend that only to tell you about good advises. Then some are losing their interest in school because of dating they are so attached with their partner.

But always remember parents always decide for their children depending on a situation on their children because parents only want what is best for their child. So teens are allowed to date because they have also a feelings that adult have but teens still have an immature feelings that’s why parents always guide their child but as a parent you must always remember to remind your teen that sexual contract is the biggest limitation for having an early relationship to prevent pregnancy towards each partner. Always remind them that keep it balance but if they can’t keep it on balance then it should always be school first before dating. So dating in a young age is not bad but always keep in mind that always be wise on your action and decision because we are still teens we are not fully developing we always need guidance with the people around us then lastly we can’t turn back the time.


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