Problems due to the various aspects. India looks

Problems of LeaningEnglish in IndiaT.Adalarasu M.

A., M.Phil, B.Ed., Assistant Professor, EnglishShanmuga Industries Arts andScience College, Tiruvannamalai,Email: [email protected] Mobile:7373159490Abstract:            The human society use language as a toolto communicate, a vent to express their feelings and emotions. In the ancienttime, people communicate through Icons, meaningless sounds etc. Communicationtool language now a day’s diverts people.

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India is known to be as a’Sub-Continent of the world’ due to the various aspects. India looks like acontinent in many ways like Language, Culture etc. English language is being aworld language connects various types of people in the world. Even India hasstrong relationship with English.

Gandhi’s famous quote in English “Do or Die”was said by him in the year 1942. This was an energetic speech of Gandhi forfreedom fighters which stimulate their patriotism. Today also English play thecommunicative role in perfect manner. This paper focuses various problems ofEnglish language teaching due to some factors. Introduction:            The human society hasspecialblessings from God that is known as the ‘speech’.

The human society startstheir life as barbarians who used to hunt for the food. The barbarian has lotof free time so he make some paintings unknowingly. Now the paintings are theevidence to the present world which shows their urge to communicate. Later thebarbarian society starts to stay inpermanent place near River banks.

Then theystart to do the agriculture and lead a cultured life, they adopt and share someNon-lexical sounds for communication purposes. The Non-lexical sounds laterbecame a language. In ELT a person’s Mother tongue known to be as SourceLanguage and all other are called to be as Second Language, when learnt for aspecific purpose it turns to be as a Target language. Nowadays the languagesare playing the important role in communicative process.

At the sametimelanguage learning is being a boring one due to the various learning (theoretical)methods. Each and every methodhas some ways to teach the language to thelearner. For an example Grammar Translation Method (GTM) is the ancient method,it is direct translationof the concepts from Native language to Secondlanguage. The ‘LinguaFranca'(Queen of Languages) title for English language in the Modern world fitsbest, because 320 million speaks English all over the world and 200millionpeople are Second languagelearners in the world.There are many problems facedby the English language learners. As I observe Indian people face few barrierswhich are listed as follows, Beyond the CultureProblems of Sounds and Demeritsof technology.

Beyondthe Culture:            Cultural termsand words are specific and unique to that particular language. Indian culture isthe most famous culture in the world; it is famous for its great aspects likeHospitality, Conjugal life, Social life of the people etc…

India has variouslanguages but English is being anofficial language of India plays a pivotalrole. The Second language learners are often confused with the exactequivalence. While they learn English due to missing of perfect words to theircultural terms they stammersto choose the apt word. S.NO Source Language Target language 01 ?????? Sacred Ash 02 ???? Sacred Yellow Thread              The above words are from Tamil, thelearner may not find the equivalent word in the target language English becausethe terms are belongs to Indian culture.The translation just creates relevantmeaning andnot gave the accurate meaning so as the native term do. The term ?????? usedto mention the Ash which known as ‘High Rich’ but the term ‘Sacred Ash’ notreflect the same meaning as the native/regional source language term. The term ???? used to mention the ‘Wedding Rope’.

Itis a traditional practice to tie sacred yellow thread as an identity of amarried woman. In the ancient time Maple leaves (??????) are tied in thatrope.The term Sacred Yellow Threadfails to express that cultural/traditionalword.Problemsof Sounds:            The second language learners are usuallytries to learn English language with the help of their mother tongue. But theyface lot of difficulties while learning the English language, because the targetlanguage has some confusion while/when using the silent letters. A native Tamilspeaker can’t easily understand the silent letters in English, because nosilent letters are found anywhere in Tamil. All the Tamil sounds are to bepronounced as it is, but in English few terms are silent terms at the time ofpronunciation, but in written we should write the silent letters or else wewill commit spelling error. For an example, in Tsunami’t’ is silent and inpneumonia ‘P’ is silent in pronunciation.

But the Tamil language has no suchsilent letters ‘??????’, ‘?????????’.So thesecond language learners are often feeling uncomfortable and confused in Englishlanguage learning.            At the same time English languagehas 26 Alphabets and 44 sounds, The 44 sounds are create by the guidance ofInternational Phonetics Association (IPA) which was originated from 1886 inParis. This organization helps to learners to learn the language withoutmistakes. The Tamil native speakers are felt more difficult to learn Englishdue to the lack of sounds, because Tamil language has 247 sounds in Tamil butEnglish has only 44 sounds.

Above the 44 sounds aren’t reflect the 247 soundsin correct manner.Demeritsof technology:            The technologydevelopment makes every work easy. The technology makes people to becomfortable and lead the life with joyful.

The modern world has various thingsto entertain like Face book, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. But sometimes theModern technology makes language learning too difficult to understand for thelearners in communication processes. The modern technology makes messages veryshort but the short forms aren’t understood by the learners. For an example,Number – No, Night –nit (or) n8, Morning –Mon etc.Conclusion:            India is a nation of variouslanguagesand multicultural country.

English serves at its best in theEducation, Bank sector, Government and Private Job, Social life etc. Butafter Indian independence it is tough to decide an official language for India.And after long discussions English was accepted as official language of India.C.

Rajagopalachari opined that “English language is the Greatest gift ofgoddess Saraswati to India” (Arora 13). We have a great past with English butstill for some specific reasons the learners’ feels tough. The English languagelearners are learning the language for various purposes and at sometimestotaste the English literature.Most of the English learners learn English onlyfor job sake.

The English language learning becomes ‘Blind learning’ it is alsoa problem in teaching English.    Works cited            Strandgard.D.J. Content and Methodsof Teaching English Paper-II (General Paper), October 2013(Second Edition), SriKrishna Publications, Chennai.            Strandgard.D.

J. Innovations in theTeaching of English Paper-I (Special English), January 2014(reprint), SriKrishna Publications, Chennai.               Arora, Navita. EnglishLanguage Teaching: Approaches and Methodologies.New Delhi: TataMcGraw Hill Education Private Limited, 2012. 13.


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