PROCESS subsequent processing. Analysis design, development and testing

PROCESS The process box in the conceptual model refers to the actual creation of the Senior and Junior High School Automated Registration and Enrolment System. In the process, the researcher used the inputs indicated in Figure 1 in developing the project and aligning it with the research objective. Aside from creation of the actual system, processing also involved the reorganization of data into more complex, structures during subsequent processing. Analysis design, development and testing were the cone processors that led to the completion to the project. Implementation and Evaluation After producing the prototype, it was implemented in the actual test environment. Thereafter, it was evaluated by different sets of end users. Each evaluation process required feedback from the system evaluators.

These inputs were then assessed and evaluated to determine whether or not these have to be modified or applied to the working prototype. The inputs were found to be feasible. Since the inputs made the project more efficient and useful, they were used to reengineer the prototype.

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