Procurement system according to the company’s expensing names

Procurement procedure;Upon liaising with the relevant heads of department, the head of procurement receives requisition notes which are approved by the company chief executive officer(CEO)/Finance Manager, through an online real time system. The CEO/FM approves the requisitions and the inquiries and sent to the company approved suppliers who send quotations within a 3 day period. The quotations are scanned and saved online in addition to entry of the data in the company’s accounting system. The quote in line with the company’s procurement process is approved by a senior employee and a purchase order prepared.

The approved supplier delivers the product in a span of 7days depending on the urgency of the request. The stock items are put in the system according to the company’s expensing names and an auto generated goods received note raised while the job orders are expensed. Deliveries of poor quality/wrong delivery are issued with a return note and returned to the supplier.

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The supplier will send an invoice for the goods and a procurement officer will match it with the delivery for accounting input.


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