Program Chart TimeActivity 7

Program Chart
7.00am-7.20amArrival of all participants, guest and audience
7.20am-7.35amOpening ceremony for the event
7.35am-7.45amOrganizer giving a rules and regulation talk
7.45am-8.00amParticipants must ready up at starting point
8.00am-12.00pm Begin for 8 Games
12.00pm-1.00pmBreak time for the participants
1.00pm-4.00pmContinue the games
4.00pm-4.15pmGames Ended
4.15pm-4.45pmAward ceremony
4.45pm-5.00pmClosing ceremony for the event
Two day before of the event, we have to contact the entire key organizing personnel to make sure they are able to the work for the event. Because if one of them are absence, the event will run unsmooth and a lot of problem occur it lead to the event have to face it. So every crew they are playing an important role during the event, for example, if a crew was absence the others crew will rush in their job and have to cover up the job of the crew who are absence. Beside that, if they are not able to the event, we still have time to contact the reserve crew. So for all the key organizing personnel have to arrive a day before the event. To meet all the key organizing personals and understand the planning of the event. Therefore, at the day of the event will run very smooth and success. We have 28 members as a crew who are in charge during the event.

Beside that, the first aid is very important in the event. If a Running man event didn’t have the first aid, it will not be work. So the organizer, need to establish first aid contact complete before the day of the event. At the day of the event, the first aid team will able to rescue if there have any participant who are injured, for example: panic, dizzy, falls, ankle sprained and etc. First aid is a necessary requirement to be over the event. We also prepared 6 members of St. John to stand by at that day.

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At the event, the risk assessment manager has to complete a final risk assessment. To estimated and calculated which accident might happen or prevent an accident to happen. As a completed final risk assessment is provided, we can handle the accident very well and reduce the damage of the accident. Therefore, the participant of our event will feel safety, comfort and enjoy during the event. Lastly, administration desk also play an important role in the event. This is because if the participation was lost or needed help during the event, they are surely looking for the administration desk. As our event have so much participants and having a wide activities area. We have set up every level of the building have an administration center in a prime location for participation easily to found it.

The participants must be arrived at 7.00am to check in and get a goody bag because inside the bag, it’s had T-shirt, mineral water food mark for participants to collect food during the break time.
First of all, the day before the event we have set up all the equipment that needed. For example, the PA systems, the mic, the ceremony stages, the stands, the banners, and we also review the schedule one more time to make sure the event go smoothly. Because we want to make sure no mistake will be happened during the event. Next, during the event all the crews should be arrived at 6am. To make a final check for all the equipment whether it is workable or not, then we will also review the emergency plan to avoid any unexpected risk. The St John will be arrived at 6.45am to set up their things. At the 6.45pm, after the crews check out all the things are fine, we provided bread and water to our crew as breakfast. At 7pm, all the crews had to start working, every crew go to their site to work.
At 7.20am, we start the opening ceremony after all participants have done the check in, then our crew will be giving a rules and regulation talk after the ceremony. After that, we will arrange the participants gather at the starting point. At 8am, the 8 games are start, we approximate about 4 hours for the participants to play the games at the first half.

At 12.00pm, there have a 1 hour break for all the participants to rest and having a lunch for reenergize and rehydration. After the break, the games will continue the second half at 1.00pm. We estimate 4 hours for the participant to finish rest for the games.

At 4pm, all the games have ended and all the participants gather and we give award to the winners in 4.15pm. At the end we had a closing ceremony and the participants can go back home.

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