Program: Engineering and Technology, where each new

Program:  Post-Graduate Program In Information Technology SolutionsSemester Sought: January 2019STATEMENT OF PURPOSEIn this continually changing universe of Engineering and Technology, where each new day sees a spate of new ideas and applications and every passing day makes them old, I need to accomplish the most intense amount of training and rise above new skylines in the picked field. The immense application potential and colossal degree for high scope in computer science and technology constantly interested me and I am quick to proceed with my academic interest in this field.

Being born in a family which has its deep roots into computer science and technology in India. However my father is not related to the computer business, I used to learn from my uncle. From childhood, I used to visit construction sites with my uncle and keenly observe the things being carried out. Hence, with growing age I made up my mind to carry forward the family legacy ahead and prepared diligently with dedication and perseverance in high school so that I could join civil engineering course in reputed institution in my state.Excellent grades in my high school have helped me to secure admission in reputed engineering institute in my state for undergraduate in Computer Engineering. During college days, I discovered computer engineering much more fascinating and challenging than what I had envisioned. Right from the second year, my sort of readiness was to gain knowledge of subject from top to bottom as opposed to simply getting grades.

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However I could also manage to maintain good grades. I secured CGPA of 7.42 (till the end of 7th semester). I am hopeful to work with same spirit and enthusiasm in last semester as well. My uncle and aunty being a computer engineer added to my further motivation to channelize my future career objectives.

I hope this will help me in pursuing my further studies with the recognized university as yours and to gain valuable education for myself. About Undergraduate study, I feel it is not an end result of what I call a trip towards brilliance and skill. Graduate study a spin-off of undergrad study opens up more up to date roads to investigate and gives one a more extensive scope of profession goals. My education at elementary and high school has given and amazing command in basics of mathematics and science and more importantly ignited in me strong interest in computer engineering.

My undergraduate studies at C.K.Pithawala College of Engineering and technology, SURAT has provided me with a comprehensive and detailed background in basic subjects such as C language , C++ language , Object oriented programming with java , Android , Advance java , PHP , Micro-processor , Big-Data , Software Engineering , Cyber Security etc.

While studying all these subjects, I realized that Cyber security is the core of all the information security and networking work, like manages network , protect personal data . Presently at this intersection of my profession, I am certain that when I make the move into post-graduate program, I will be expanding on a solid foundation built up in the previous years. My methodology for graduate study will, along these lines, be a delayed one where in I might be combining my insight in a more particular manner and gain the aptitudes utilized for the examination. Relevant to my interest in structural engineering, I did research work titled “Seismic Effect on Low rise & High rise Building”. In which I along with my team members did analysis on confined masonry buildings and multi storey confined masonry buildings. The key concepts which we analyzed in detail are: seismic failure mechanism, soft storey collapse, pancake collapse of buildings, overturning and liquefaction. I also got the hands-on-training experience of Roof fitting for huge industrial steel domes at Sachin, Surat.

My training period was of 10 days and my work profile was to supervise the bending, grooving, lifting and fitting of steel roofs. I also closely observed the foundation work being carried out at Bhulka Bhavan School, Surat. I also learnt about proper mix design for various grades of concrete as per the Indian Standards during the internship of 2 weeks.

Besides, I have always loved taking responsibilities and therefore was selected as CR- Class Representative by Head of Department due to my all round achievement in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. I also held various managerial posts like event manager and co-convener in my college techfest and cultural events. I also love taking part in various technical events in my college and inter-college as well and achieve some valuable knowledge and experience. I also like to participate in various sports like cricket, football, volleyball etc.

Pertaining to such love for extracurricular activities, I could be a part of a few activities in your university too. I trust that seeking after my graduate in your college would give me a heading to accomplish my career objectives and offer me some assistance with shaping myself as a successful engineer. I am certain that I have the capacity to give in the required diligent work, intellectual capacity and also inspiration to do justice to the requested program.I sincerely believe that I qualify all the requirements for admission into your Post-Graduate Program and that my application will be approved by the admission committee.Thanks and regards,Parth Trivedi.


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