Project direction, the capacity to adapt quickly

Project CoordinatorAmazon is looking for a Program Coordinator to join the language development team.Job Summary This position requires the capability to work with minimal direction, the capacity to adapt quickly and be flexible while delivering high-quality outcomes. The ideal candidate should be detail-oriented, flexible and have excellent teamwork, communication, planning and interpersonal skills.

Primary responsibilities:• Manage daily operations of the specific data collection projects including scheduling, equipment planning, and staffing. • Communicate directly with members, tracking and responding to written and verbal requests.• Address any customer service or technical questions from users.

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• Develop solutions that reduce the number of customer service inquiries.• Get along closely with program managers and team members on process development. Basic Qualifications• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field• Experience working with various internal teams Preferred Qualifications• Excellent ability to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of issues• Deliver high-quality work on given schedule.• Willingness to learn new processes in a growing and changing environment.’


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