PROJECT Windows 98, XP Back end tools

PROJECT PROFILE Project title Banking system Organization V.G.E.C.G Project Guides Mimansa Joshi Developed By Virparia Maulik N.

Software Used Visual Basic 6. Database Microsoft Access Operating System Windows XP Hardware software Specification Hardware Specification Pentium(r) 4 CPU 40 GB Hard disk 2.66 GHz. 256 MB RAM Keyboard Mouse LG DVD writer reader Software Specification Microsoft visual basic 6.0. Microsoft access Platform Windows 98, XP Back end tools MS ACCESS Front end tool VB 6.0 Documentation M S WORD Project Definition– This Project is to understand the system of banking and different types of its loans, ATM and other facility provide by bank. In the project THE BANKING SYSTEM defines that which kind of system usually in bank.

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Thus by this project we will define the accounts and deposit system in the bank in which various type of table create for the customers. INTRODUCTION Commerce bank is an India based bank that is a leading innovator in the production and delivery of saving accounts , loan projects, product based solutions, professional services and business process outsourcing services. . Commerce bank has built a solid reputation for providing custom designed, client specific, result oriented applications for diverse users in industries such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Port Infrastructure, Defense, Manufacturing, Engineering and Financial Services. All of their solutions of customer are implemented with quality processes that adhere to different facilities and their saving account process is supported by onsite-offshore development methodologies. Originally, it gives also loan facilities like education loans, home loans future plan loan and other different type loans facilities to customers. Facilities like ATM card , credit card other money based plans are included in it It has many branches in country all branches are joined together and customer can contact any branch.

Two days many banks become in the World. So, need for many funds for children, Education, loans and help for other the main effect of these event affected on people so, many countries are meet and debut about this. First Registration form for opening account which customer entry in registration which more than 500 otherwise you out of this project. Then you can all entry of customers data and we can provide a payment system for the accept a credit card, visa card, Master card, also required information . Also we have facilities of the delete record, save record, display record, and also specially facility of Help Option. And Also Many Many Facilities involve in my Project so, these after looking my practical output of our project TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY Future of visual basic Visual Basic is the most popular programming language in the world.

There are some important reasons to use visual basic rather than other language. Full set of object you draw the application. Lots of icons and pictures for your use. Response to mouse and keyboard actions.

Clipboard and printer access. Full array of mathematical, string handling. Can handle fixed and dynamic variable and control arrays. Sequential and random access files support. Useful debugger and error handling facility. Power database access tools.

Active x supports. Capability VB is capable of producing software sophisticated as any of the other data access technique available. Flexibility A part from database access ,vb can be used to write a text processor, an e-mail listener and other task . Future of ACCESS- Access Corporation was the first company to offer a relational dbms commercially and has continually led innovation in the riled of RDBMS.

The Access system uses the some database system facility. Access provides flexible and easy to use tool for end user and application developer. Some of the features of Access are as follows Performance- Access provides a monitor and tuning feature that highlights critical areas in database performance. Portable user application- Access provides some portability flexibility so we can use this product as a backend.

OBJECTIVE In this project, there is all over details of the Banking system. So, when we first open the project there is all the information of account and their types. Later in this project, if any type of problem to customer about saving money and deposit they use all instruction given him in form. In short, there is all kind of the information about accounts and amount details given in banking system project DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT Our Project includes banks customer details, account details.

First form of our project is Login form. After that startup form is loaded. Then after that there is a main form from which we can select one of the below options. Customers Details. Deposits. Withdrawals Transactions. Account type.

Withdrawal reports. About. Quit Customers Details contains all information about him and Check-in form, accounts Details and Information about person who want to open account there. Withdrawal items and its report also required transaction Transactions is also required for given account type and its customer ID In About Project information about the developers of this Project is available. FLOW CHART NO YES DATA FLOW DIAGRAM CONTEXT LEVEL DFD Data flow diagram is used to show flow of data in system. Generally it is not possible to show complete DFD in one diagram so it is decomposed in to various levels. Level 0 also called context diagram is used to show general view of system.

Level 1, 2 etc then show each function in detail. It is upon system designer to decide how many diagram to show. Context Level Diagram (Level 0 DFD)- SHAPE MERGEFORMAT Data manipulation Member Information FLOWCHART Process Terminator Decision Data Database Connector DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Process Entity Report STRUCTURL CHART SHAPE MERGEFORMAT DATA DICTIONARY Login details FIELDSDATATYPEDESCRIPTIONNULLUser nameText Name of userpasswordTextpassword Customer Information Primary key customer_id FIELDSDATATYPEDESCRIPTIONNULLcustomer _idNumberID of customerNcustomer first nameTextName of customerNLast name TextLast name of customerNAddressTextCustomer addressNPhone numberTextCustomer phone numberN Deposit details FIELDSDATATYPEDESCRIPTIONNULLTransaction_id Number Transaction ID no.NAccount no.Number Customer account number NCustomer no. Number Number of customer NAmount details Number Details about amountNCheck no.NumberCustomer check noN Transaction details FIELDSDATATYPEDESCRIPTIONNULLCustomer id Number ID of customerNCustomer name TextName of customerNAccount no. Number Customer account numberNProceed Number Proceed of amount N LIMITATION AND FUTURE ENHANCEMENT LIMITATIONS Our Projects has certain limitations, they are as under We have not provided for shortcut keys.

We have not provided facilities in which we can give online data report on Bank. The Data cannot be entering on Online. The Data will not be directly used credit card without Internet. FEATURES Our projects features are you are any time enter the Donors data in commerce bank. You are any time search any Data, and you are any time go through Registration form.

You can get the Data report of Payment and Billing system. You can get the information about activities in Gujarat by commerce bank BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Referred Teach Yourself VB .Net In 21 Days, Tec media, New Delhi. Beginning Visual Basic .NET Database Programming WROX publication A Programmer Introduction To VB .NET Paul Bogor Publication Programming Visual basic .

NET OReilly Publication The Book of Visual Studio.NET A Guide for Developers, Robert B. Dunaway Websites Referred HYPERLINK http//

com http// HYPERLINK http//www. http// HYPERLINK http// http//www. HYPERLINK http// http// HYPERLINK http// http//xatawebstyle.


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