Project will propose a design of competency management

Project Proposal
Student Name
Prof. Name
Date – 16 August 2018

Competence Management System
• In this proposal, we will propose a design of competency management system which is required to manage the skill sets of employees.
• Many firms are becoming more organized around networks and projects. To maintain the competency of the organization, the client firm wants a different set of arrangements for the generic competencies of employees.
• The earlier used traditional arrangements reflect the hierarchical structure of the organizations. In traditional arrangements, authority is assigned in ranks, and employees take directions from their superiors.
• In this approach, every employee knows what he or she must do. This structure makes clear that all employees are under the leadership of another person or department and they need to do works assigned to them.
• In this structure, the organization uses traditional arrangements to keep a record of the competencies of employees.
• In economic leadership and growth, this approach has been successful. This approach, however, has some disadvantages as the managers have little exposure to their subordinates’ jobs.
• They may not fully understand that what the average employees do. To keep a record of employees’ competencies, the firm needs to update or change their approach of arrangements.
• The human resource management is based on the organizational structure and position descriptions with linked remuneration arrangements.
• This arrangement will help the organization to keep a record of employees’ competencies in the form of a database.
Literature Review
• Simon (2010) described that a competency management system is a widely used practice which consists of the organization’s all formal and organized approaches to ensure that the firm has the human talents needed to meet the business goals of the firm.
• This practice will define the skills in which the firm is interested.
• Once the skills are defined, each employee will be described to the firm based on the standardized definitions.
• These skills and personnel description of employees will be used to forecast the needs, determine the training goals and measure progress towards these goals. It will also allow the firm to make strategic changes within the organization and help to enhance the leadership skills.
• The competency management system will help the employees to enhance their skill sets by identifying their competencies. They will continue to learn more from their previous competencies.
• As an individual employee in the firm has its own competency level in a particular specialization, they will get the opportunity to work in their own competency level through this management system.
• Niemi and Laine (2016) described the ‘Knome’ in their article, which is a competence management system developed in a knowledge-intensive organization during a 33-month long Action Design Research (ADR). The Knome CMS can be used by the firm to know about the present and future competencies of employees to match customer demands. The data of every employee in this CMS of the case organization and most of the information is open to all employees.
Problem Statement
• As discussed above, the client firm is becoming more organized than earlier. The firm needs to change the arrangements approach of the organization.
• It seems difficult for the organization to keep track of the competencies of the employees while working with traditional arrangements approach.
• The human resource management is an approach by which the firms can formally register their employees and certify them to undertake the particular task.
• The firms require to design a different set of arrangements which will be centric on the generic competencies of employees as some employees may have a particular competency in a particular specialization.
• The task is to design and develop a structure of competency standards including the map workflows which will support the development and maintenance of the standards and maintain the database of all associated competency requirements.
• This database will help the organization to keep the regular review of external conditions to maintain appropriate internal competency standards and to ensure that which task will require accredited personnel.
• Designing a competency management system means to keep a record of the employees’ work and their specialization. The project involves the selection of software needed to develop the competency management system for the organization.
• The organizations required the development of a competency management system to update the arrangement approach of the organization and to meet the business goals through identifying the competencies of employees and assigning them appropriate tasks according to their competencies.
Aims and Objectives
• The aim of this proposal is to introduce with the project goal which is to design a competency management system for the organization.
• The objective of this system will be to keep track of employees’ competencies to meet the business goals by determining the needs of the business from the skills and personal descriptions of the employees.
• Through this project, we will provide the advantages of using the human resource management approach in the organization for the arrangements of competencies of employees and also of the organization.
• However, the competencies of employees are a critical success factor for any organization.
• So, the competency management system will provide the opportunity to get success in the business.
• It will allow the organization to perform well on a number of strategic competencies which are important for the firm.
• It will help the organization to give directions to the employees with their job role development.
• It will also allow the organization to serve its customers effectively and efficiently.
• It will help to support the development and maintenance of the organization structure.

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Following is the work breakdown structure for the project. As we are working in a group, so we divided the work equally among all the group members. In the following WBS, we mentioned the responsibility of group members for each task of the project completion.
WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish Responsible
0 Competence Management System (CMS) 6 wks. Tue 8/14/18 Mon 9/24/18
1. Initialization 2 wks. Tue 8/14/18 Mon 8/27/18 Project Manager
1.1 Create a proposal for the project 1 wk Tue 8/14/18 Mon 8/20/18 Project manager
1.2 Collect requirements for the project 1 wk. Tue 8/21/18 Mon 8/27/18 Editor
2. Processing 2 wks. Tue 8/28/18 Mon 9/10/18 Developer
2.1 Research on design principles of CMS 3 days Tue 8/28/18 Thu 8/30/18 Editor
2.2 Select software for designing CMS 2 days Fri 8/31/18 Mon 9/3/18 Developer
2.2 Develop the CMS using software 5 days Tue 9/4/18 Mon 9/10/18 Developer
3. Implementation 2 wks. Tue 9/11/18 Mon 9/24/18 Designer
3.1 Assessing the CMS success 2 wks. Tue 9/11/18 Mon 9/24/18 Designer

Gantt chart
The following Gantt chart will describe the length of time allocated for each task with the starting and ending date of the tasks of the project.

Keston, G. (2013, January 16). What is a Competency Management System? Retrieved from
Simon, B. (2010). A Discussion on Competency Management Systems from a Design Theory Perspective. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 2(6), 337-346. doi:10.1007/s12599-010-0134-4
Niemi, E., & Laine, S. (2016). Designing a Competence Management System ‘Knome’ for a Knowledge-Intensive Project Organization. Tackling Society’s Grand Challenges with Design Science, 217-222. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-39294-3_18


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